Ignite your site with Mr. Pen- Professional Compass with Lock, 9 inch Diameter, Compass for Geometry, Spring Bow Compass, Precision Compass Math, Drafting Compass, Compass Drawing, Compass with Wheel,Metal Compass Geometry

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Mr. Pen Precision Compass/Divider Is Designed O Equip Architects, Designers, Students, Artists And Teachers With The Right Tool For Their Drawing/Drafting Projects.


The Package Includes:

  • Precision Compass/Divider:
    • Draws Circles Up To 9 Inches In Diameter
    • All Metal, Nickel Plating, Compass/Divider Durable For Life
    • With Spring Bow Head And Thumbwheel To Prevent Unintended Movement In The Legs
    • Includes 2 Pieces Of Spare Lead, 2 Pieces Of Spare Screws For Holding The Needle Or The Lead
    • Packaged In A Easy To Carry Clear, Reusable Pouch

1 High Quality Professional Compass/Divider For Math, Geometry, Art, Drafting And Drawing, Creates Circles Up To 9 Inches In Diameter
Precision Geometry Compass With Spring Bow Head And Center Wheel Prevents Unintentional Leg Movements
All Metal, Nickel Plating Compass, Lifelong Satisfaction Guaranteed
Includes 2 Pieces Of Spare Lead
Packaged In A Clear, Reusable Pouch. Easy To Carry And Store