Ignite your site with HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for TV Audio Low Latency TV Ears Wireless Audio Adapter for Headphones, Bluetooth 4.2 no Lip Sync Digital Optical Dual Stream Toslink SPDIF 2 Devices Simultaneously

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Connect your bluetooth headphones or speakers to your TVs and other devices with high-quality digital audio to up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Dual Streaming Bluetooth Connectivity
Stereo audio streaming to two Bluetooth devices from your TV, Computer / PC, iPod, MP3 / MP4, Car Stereo etc simultaneously

Instant Auto-Reconnect to last connected devices
Connect your Bluetooth devices to HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter with one press of the Bluetooth pairing button and you’re ready to listen. From then on, re-pairing is automatic for a hassle-free experience.

Digital & Analog Connectivity
The Connect offers both analog and digital audio inputs for the widest compatibility with old and new TVs and other devices.

Audio sync with video with aptx-enabled device
Enjoy high fidelity audio quality and minimized lip sync latency with aptx-enabled device.

Packaging Included
HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter with S/PDIF (Optical) Input
1 x Optical Toslink Audio Cable
1 x 3″ 3.5mm audio cable
1 x 3″ RCA cable
1 x 3″ micro USB cable
Instruction manual
Demo video : https://youtu.be/UucLWQzy6T0

HomeSpot BTADP-128-D only supports uncompressed PCM audio signals and does not support lossy compression such as Dolby AC-3, DTS, or other surround sound signals. Therefore, it is important that the digital audio output of your device defaults to or can be set to PCM/LPCM output. Otherwise the sound output will be noise/static.Bluetooth / BT Transmitter (not a Bluetooth receiver): Turn your regular stereo audio devices into a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless streaming machine thru 3.5mm audio-out jack to your bluetooth devices
Dual streaming audio source to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
Audio and video are in sync with aptX and perfectly with aptX-LL supported devices
Connects via 3.5mm audio jack, RCA, or optical TOSLINK for universal compatibility with TVs and other devices
Package contents: HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter, Toslink Optical Audio Cable, 3.5mm audio cable, micro USB cable, instruction manual

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