Ignite your site with Aluminum Briefcases For Men Fireproof With Lock Small Foam Insert Combination Laptop Bag Siver (Siver, 14.5X10.6X4.5inchn)

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1. 100% aluminum-magnesium alloy (metal), one-step molding process, anodizing technology

2. High-quality slow rebound handle with comfortable feel

4. A number of rivets are used to fix the metal hinge and the base

5. High-quality fabrics are used inside. Removable leather belts are fixed the top to hold documents, and two EVA partitions are fixed on the bottom

6. For products which need special shock proof, sponge will be filled inside for protection

(Note: The anti-shock sponge are cut into small blocks, which can fit in the shape of the product)

7. A wide range of usage: 1. Business and office 2. Hold laptop 3. Store tools and equipment 4. Store instrument and equipments 5. Store digital appliances 6. Files and bills 7. Money 8. Makeup 9. Storage and so on

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Slow Rebound Damping Handle,Aluminum Frame Anodize,TSA Customs Code Lock
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Multifunction,Suitable for: Business, Office, Computer, File, Tool, Earthquake Products, Money, Official Seal, precision Instrument laptop attache case ect