Ignite your site with 3 in 1 Blusmart OL288 Laminator, Laminating Machine Set with Paper Trimmer & Cutter & Corner Rounder, Thermal and Cold Laminating Fast Warm-up Paper Jam Prevention (Black)

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The Blusmart OL288 Laminating Machine is equipped with paper trimmer and corner rounder, making crafting works incredible easy and convenient especially for school and office use.

Special features:
-incredible 3-in-1 function (laminator/paper trimmer/corner rounder)
-3 different cutting patterns (straight/perforated /wave)
-supported thermal and cold lamination ( removes air bubbles and provides a smooth finish for both thermal and cold lamination.)
-fast 3-5 minutes warm up
-innovative heating system without bubbles
-laminates from business cards to A4 size documents

Technical Specifications
Maximum Width: 230mm
Ready Time: 3-5 minutes
Pouch Thickness: 160(2 x 80)-250(2 x 125)mic <0.5mm
LED Indication Lights: on/off indication light; laminating indication light
Laminating Speed: 250mm/min
Heating System: 2 roller system
Paper Jam Prevention: jam release button
Dimensions: 390 x 142 x 99mm

Rotary Paper Trimmer Specifications
Cutting Capacity: 3 sheets of A4-size paper simultaneously
Maximum Width: 310mm
Cutting Pattern: 3 types- straight line, perforated line and wavy line

Corner Rounder Specification
Cutting Capacity: 3 sheets of A4-size paper simultaneously

Guaranteed Warranty
We provide 24/7 customer support and one-year warranty including replacement and refund. If you have any further problems or need any help, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team via email. We are glad to help.

What’s in Your Box?
1 x Blusmart BL01 Laminating Machine (the rotary paper trimmer is already installed above the machine)
1 x Corner Rounder (already installed on the bottom of the laminator)
1 x Instruction Manual*Hot & Cold Laminating* Support both Hot and Cold laminating to cater different needs. Note: please use the self-adhesive pouches for Cold laminating.
*3-in-1 Versatile Function* Perfect Combination: Laminator, Rotary Paper Trimmer and Corner Rounder; 3 Cutting Patterns of the trimmer are available: Straight, Perforated and Wave.
*Fast Warm-Up & Fast Laminating* Plug in and get started right away with 3-5 minutes preheating and amazing laminating speed of 250mm/min.
*Wide-Range Application* Laminates in 160mic (2 x 80mic) – 250mic (2 x 125mic) pouches with 230mm throat entry which provides plenty of room to insert documents. Preserve and protect essential documents, business cards, photographs, etc.
*Premium Results & Quick Release* 2 Roller System reduces bubbles and wrinkles effectively; Remove jammed paper in few seconds with built-in Jam Release Button.