A business Idea

In 2007 San Diego faced some horrible wild fires, thousands of houses were burned to the ground, many of with at 40,000 plus gallons of water sitting in their pools. I spent a few nights being evacuated several times along with most of my friends and family.

Following the ciaos, I got on the Internet and started looking for solutions. The most practical solution I found was in Australian, many homes are required to have “fire trolley,” basically it’s a 5 to 10 Hp pump mounted on a handtruck for portability. I immediately looked into importing these but they carried a hefty price tag. Alternatively, I looked into cheap; China built “trash water pumps,” that are frequently used by contractors. After a little more research I was able to mate this pump with fire fighting equipment. I was able to blast 150 gallons of pool water per minute, easily over the roof of a two-story house.

Soon after I was importing nearly all the parts and having the final assembly take place in my garage. Sales were great for the rest of the year and through the next fire season, even though no fires broke out. I eventually sold the company and the domain to another company and I lost interest in it.

From the start of this, I always wanted to take it a step further and actually install automatic starting fire pumps that would have sprinkler mounted all over the roof of a house and kick on when a fire was detected. Unfortunately this is the kind of product that is hard to sell until a problem occurs.