Ignite your site with Ajax Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Ajax Certification

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The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for AJAX! Contains Comprehensive Selection of Questions, Answers, and Explanations AJAX is a must have in order for any web developer to stay current and competitive. As with any web development tool, however, it’s challenging to find sources that are not only current, but relevant to today’s business environment. AJAX Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: AJAX Certification Review is the guide you’ve been looking for. Whether you need to learn AJAX for the first time or merely require brushing up in order to perform well in an interview, we will help you get there. Areas of focus include: . AJAX for creating more interactive user interfaces . XTLHttpRequest objects to exchange data asynchronously with the web server . Troubleshooting in a heterogeneous setting of intranet, internet, or web-based configurations . Permissions and security . Markup and styling applications

Ignite your site with Business Continuity Management: Global Best Practices, 4th Edition

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At this critical point in your Business Continuity Management studies and research, you need one definitive, comprehensive professional textbook that will take you to the next step. In his 4th edition of Business Continuity Management: Global Best Practices, Andrew Hiles gives you a wealth of real-world analysis and advice – based on international standards and grounded in best practices — a textbook for today, a reference for your entire career. With so much to learn in this changing profession, you don’t want to risk missing out on something you’ll need later.

Does one of these describe you?

  • Preparing for a Business Continuity Management career, needing step-by-step guidelines,
  • Working in BCM, looking to deepen knowledge and stay current — and create, update, or test a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Managing in BCM, finance, facilities, emergency preparedness or other field, seeking to know as much as much as possible to make the decisions to keep the company going in the face of a business interruption.

Hiles has designed the book for readers on three distinct levels: Initiate, Foundation, and Practitioner. Each chapter ends with an Action Plan, pinpointing the primary message of the chapter and a Business Continuity Road Map, outlining the actions for the reader at that level.

NEW in the 4th Edition:

  • Supply chain risk — extensive chapter with valuable advice on contracting.
  • Standards — timely information and analysis of global/country-specific standards, with detailed appendices on ISO 22301/22313 and NFPA 1600.
  • New technologies and their impact – mobile computing, cloud computing, bring your own device, Internet of things, and more.
  • Case studies – vivid examples of crises and disruptions and responses to them.
  • Horizon scanning of new risks – and a hint of the future of BCM.
  • Professional certification and training – explores issues so important to your career.
  • Proven techniques to win consensus on BC strategy and planning.
  • BCP testing – advice and suggestions on conducting a successful exercise or test of your plan
  • To assist with learning — chapter learning objectives, case studies, real-life examples, self-examination and discussion questions, forms, checklists, charts and graphs, glossary, and index.

Downloadable resources and tools – hundreds of pages, including project plans, risk analysis forms, BIA spreadsheets, BC plan formats, and more.

Instructional Materials — valuable classroom tools, including Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, and slides — available for use by approved adopters in college courses and professional development training.