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Tableau is a leading data visualization tool and holds majority of marketshare. Tableau can connect to any Datasources under the sun be it a Datawarehouse, Excel, Database, etc. The great feature of Tableau is that it provides real-time data insights in a matter of minutes.

In this book, we get you started with Tableau:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Tableau?

  1. What is Tableau?
  2. Tableau Product Suite
  3. How does Tableau work?
  4. Excel Vs. Tableau

Chapter 2: Tableau Architecture

  1. Tableau Server Architecture
  2. Data Connectors
  3. Components of Tableau Server
  4. Gateway

Chapter 3: How to Download & Install Tableau Desktop

  1. Download and Install Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Desktop Workspace
  3. Tableau Navigation

Chapter 4: Tableau Connections to Multiple Data Sources & Replacing Data Source

  1. Connecting to various data sources
  2. Connection to Text File
  3. Connecting to Excel File
  4. Connection to Database
  5. Connection to Websites
  6. Connecting to Tableau Server
  7. Data Relationship
  8. Data Sorting
  9. Replacing Data Source

Chapter 5: Filter data in Tableau

  1. Types of Filters
  2. Filter condition in Tableau
  3. Filter Condition by Formula

Chapter 6: Tableau Sort Data, Create Group, Hierarchy & Sets

  1. Sort data
  2. Build groups
  3. Build Hierarchy
  4. Build Sets

Chapter 7: Tableau Charts & Graphs Tutorial: Types & Examples

  1. Measure names and Measure values
  2. Generated Fields
  3. Understand how and when to build different types of Visuals

Ignite your site with Web Application Development with R Using Shiny: Build stunning graphics and interactive data visualizations to deliver cutting-edge analytics, 3rd Edition

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Analyze, communicate, and design your own sophisticated and interactive web applications using the R (v 3.4) Shiny (1.1.0) package

Key Features

  • Explore the power of R Shiny to make interactive web applications easily
  • Create engaging user interfaces using elements such as HTML5 shiny tags and Ttabsets
  • Build and deploy your interactive Shiny web application using shinyapps.io

Book Description

Web Application Development with R Using Shiny helps you become familiar with the complete R Shiny package. The book starts with a quick overview of R and its fundamentals, followed by an exploration of the fundamentals of Shiny and some of the things that it can help you do. You’ll learn about the wide range of widgets and functions within Shiny and how they fit together to make an attractive and easy to use application.

Once you have understood the basics, you’ll move on to studying more advanced UI features, including how to style apps in detail using the Bootstrap framework or and Shiny’s inbuilt layout functions.

You’ll learn about enhancing Shiny with JavaScript, ranging from adding simple interactivity with JavaScript right through to using JavaScript to enhance the reactivity between your app and the UI.

You’ll learn more advanced Shiny features of Shiny, such as uploading and downloading data and reports, as well as how to interact with tables and link reactive outputs. Lastly, you’ll learn how to deploy Shiny applications over the internet, as well as and how to handle storage and data persistence within Shiny applications, including the use of relational databases.

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to create responsive, interactive web applications using the complete R (v 3.4) Shiny (1.1.0) suite.

What you will learn

  • Harness the power of JavaScript to customize your applications
  • Build dashboards with predefined UI and layouts
  • Engage your users and build better analytics using interactive plots
  • Learn advanced code patterns to make your applications easy to write and maintain.
  • Develop a full understanding of Shiny’s UI functions to give you the power to build a wide variety of attractive applications.
  • Store data and interact with databases with Shiny.
  • Learn how to share your Shiny applications
  • Understand reactivity at the conceptual level to build more efficient and robust apps

Who this book is for

Web Application Development with R Using Shiny is for you if you are interested in creating compelling web applications and interactive data visualization over the web using Shiny. Programming experience with R is required.

Table of Contents

  1. Beginning with R
  2. Shiny first steps
  3. Integrating Shiny with HTML
  4. Mastering Shiny’s UI functions
  5. Easy JavaScript and custom JavaScript functions with Shiny
  6. Easy dashboards with shiny dashboard
  7. Power Shiny
  8. Code patterns in Shiny applications
  9. Persistent storage and sharing Shiny applications

Ignite your site with MaxGear Clear Business Card Stand Holder 2 Tier Acrylic Business Card Holder Display for Desk with 120 Card Capacity, 3 Pack

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MaxGear: Pioneer of Professional Office Brand in Amazon
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Plastic Business Card Stand Holder
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◾ Brand: MaxGear
◾ Material: Acrylic
◾ Dimension: 4.2*2.3*2.7inch for each holder
◾ Weight: 0.2 lb for each holder(90g)
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◾ Capacity: 120 cards for each holder
◾ Pack: 3 pack business card holder for desk
◾ Special Feature: 2 tiers
◾ Application: Meeting, company, trade show, exhibitions, hotel, reception center, counter

Product Features
◾ Classic business card holder display with acrylic material to promote yourself
◾ Durable clear business card holder for desk, suitable for any office decoration
◾ Business card stand with 2 pockets for expanding cards capacity and save desk space
◾ 120 large capacity for each business card desk display, enough room for daily use
◾ 3 pack acrylic business card holder can be put in different place you want
◾ Business card stand for desk is a good tool to keep a neat desk
◾ Simple elegant look, no cover design which can be fetched out easily
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◾ Regular clean to avoid fingerprint and dust

Seller Warranty
◾12 months warranty if any quality problem.
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【Large Capacity】: 2 compartments, each compartment easily holds 60 business cards; 120 large cards capacity for each business card stand. Total 360 business cards for 3 pack clear business card stands.【Please Notice: MaxGear is USA brand,also registered on Amazon,and never authorized any other seller sell our products, please choose the item Sold by MaxGear.LLC, other seller’s products are fake and not compatible for you. 】
【Cards Organizer】: Organize your cards well and keep desk neatly. Acrylic business card holder suitable for all kinds of offices or exhibitions, meeting room, hotel, reception center of company, counter of various store.
【High Quality】: Made of high quality acrylic. Thickening base ensures business card holder standing firmly. Clear business card stand is thick and durable enough to prevent scrapes and scratches.【If business card stand you received has been broken in transportation, pls feel free to contact us and we will send a replacement to you soon】
【Easy Use】: Angled open design for easy access. Tilted transparent card holder displays all information of your business cards well to your business partner and clients, which is a unique way to leave a deep impression.
【Layered Design】: Desk business card display with layered design for efficient organization and extension of card capacity. 2 tiers clear business card desk holder not only create a neat and orderly desktop for you but also save you a lot desk space.

Ignite your site with “Be Smart Get Prepared 250 Piece First Aid Kit, Exceeds OSHA ANSI Standards for 50 People – Office, Home, Car, School, Emergency, Survival, Camping, Hunting, and Sports”

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This Deluxe 250 piece First Aid Kit first aid kit from Total Resources is a necessity for the workplace and meets or exceeds all OSHA / ANSI 2009 types I and II requirements for small business. It is in a hard carrying case designed with a multi-compartment organizer. It can be carried around for portability or mounted on a wall in a central location.

This multi-purpose First Aid Kit includes:

• 24 alcohol prep pads
• 21 antiseptic towelettes
• 1 eye wash (Some units may come with a voucher to redeem your free eye wash)

• 6 antibiotic ointment packets
• 6 burn cream packets
• 3 sting relief prep pads
• 2 instant cold packs (5 inch x 6 inch)
• 8 antacid tablets
• 10 aspirin tablets
• 10 non-aspirin tablets

• 20 adhesive bandages (1 inch x 3 inch)
• 40 adhesive bandages (3/4 inch x 3 inch)
• 30 adhesive bandages (3/8 inch x 1-1/2 inch)
• 5 butterfly closures
• 5 knuckle bandages
• 1 paper tape roll (1 inch x 5yard)
• 1 triangular bandage (40 inch x 40 inch x 56 inch)
• 2 oval eye pads (2 inch)
• 10 sterile gauze pads (2 inch x 2 inch)
• 11 sterile gauze pads (4 inch x 4 inch)
• 1 sterile trauma pad (5 inch x 9 inch)
• 1 gauze roll (2 inch)

• 10 cotton tip applicators
• 5 finger splints
• 1 first aid instruction guide
• 4 examination gloves
• 10 safety pins
• 1 tweezers
• 1 scissors

Supplies up to 50 people and is packed in a compact plastic case for easy storage and use.250 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products. Manufactured by the leading manufacturer of First Aid Kits in the USA.
Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI 2009 guidelines for 50 people. Ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use at home.
Fully organized interior compartments provides quick access. Rugged, sturdy hard plastic case is impact resistant
Compact size case measures 8in x 10in x 3in, is portable and can easily fit anywhere. Wall mounts or folds compactly for storage. Easy slide latches securely locks into place.
Includes Silvex wound dressing gel, an anti-microbial water-based hydro gel for use on wound care management

Ignite your site with Java: Basic Fundamental Guide for beginners (Volume 1)

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Are you looking forward to learning Java programming? Or would you perhaps like to grasp the fundamentals of Java programming before you can begin a deep study? No matter your skill level in Java, this book will help you built the right foundation to master object-oriented programming in Java. In this book, you will develop knowledge about object-oriented programming, data types, and how to use control statements in Java. You will learn more than what you need to code in Java. This book will get the ball rolling to help you begin to master the concepts of Java programming. Whether you are just about to start programming in Java or you had started and stopped along the way, here is the perfect place to resume your programming with Java. No previous knowledge or experience in any programming language required. By choosing to read the basic Java fundamental guide for beginners, we guide you to understand the Java data types, loops and conditional statements, functions, and so on. The book uses a conversational tone which is helpful for you to understand. This book is not for experienced Java programmers but for those people who are learning Java language for the first time. If you have been waiting to find a book which will help you gain the fundamental concepts in the Java language, Java: Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners is right for you. Inside you will learn about: The Java programming environment. The basic syntax for Java. How to develop an understanding of object-oriented programming in Java. Methods, classes, and inheritance. Arrays in Java. General Java programming. How to familiarize yourself with Java control statements. The data types and operators in Java. If you would like to learn how to run both basic and deep Java programs, this book has the answer for you. Get your copy today and begin the journey of becoming a top-notch Java developer.

Ignite your site with PYTHON: In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! Python Programming Language Crash Course, A Quick Start Guide, Tutorial Book with Hands-On Projects, In Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

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This is a zero-risk investment, If you are not satisfied with the eBook, you can get a full refund within 7 days!

About This Book

This Book Absolutely for Beginners:
“Python in 8 Hours” covers all essential Python knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of Python fast and easily. The book includes more than 80 practical examples for beginners and includes tests & answers for the college exam, the engineer certification exam, and the job interview exam.

Source Code for Download:
This book provides source code for download; you can download the source code for better study, or copy the source code to your favorite editor to test the programs. .
Download link: forms.aweber.com/form/53/519080053.htm

Table of Contents

Hour 1 Start Python

Hour 2 Statement

Hour 3 Function

Hour 4 Data Structures

Hour 5 Strings

Hour 6 Input & Output

Hour 7 Module & Exception

Hour 8 Class & Object

Appendix Python Summary Charts

Appendix Python Tests & Answers

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Ignite your site with Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition

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Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition has 25 of the most basic common SEO mistakes that people make over and over again. It is easier to understand SEO by knowing what the mistakes are and avoiding them rather than learning SEO techniques that are no longer valid.
SEO techniques are constantly changing and it can be dangerous to use techniques from an old book. What rarely changes in the SEO space are the mistakes! Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition is a compilation of the 25 Basic Search Engine Optimization Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business!
This book is designed to help you understand the importance of avoiding SEO mistakes. Search Engine Optimization is a tricky subject and I decided to take a different approach with this book than a lot of the books that are out there. This is because sometimes you need to know what you are doing wrong first before you can understand how to fix it. The challenge with a lot of the SEO books is they try to teach you what SEO is and then let you go and do it. For many this can help them up to a certain level and then hurt them as time goes on. This is because SEO is always changing so the good techniques that are learned from a book that was written a month ago could be bad techniques today. However, the one thing that rarely changes are the SEO Mistakes.
This book came about because I am always answering questions from clients, prospective clients, colleagues and friends. I felt like I was constantly repeating myself because over time the same answers kept coming up. Clearly there are a lot of common SEO mistakes out there that need to be addressed.
I set out to write them down and today am still writing because I continually see new mistakes taking shape. This will be a never ending battle because of the way the search engines work. As the public gets close to deciphering the algorithms it becomes easier and easier to get on the top search results pages. The search engines want to make it more difficult thus keeping the people off that have figured it out but probably don’t deserve to be there.
I now have a database of SEO mistakes that will ensure our clients are constantly moving forward as well as, a website to back up the mistakes by showing clients how to avoid them. This has helped us evolve into a SEO consulting company that offers services to our clients, clients that hire us to teach or coach them about SEO, partners around the world, SEO start-up companies, companies that want to do their SEO in-house and other many other business scenarios.
The one thing I like most about SEO is that the techniques will never be the same for a long period of time. This means we have to constantly research, test, monitor and modify again and again. We work with clients from all around the world so we get to throw different local search results into the mix as well. This helps us see trends and utilize them throughout different parts of the world.
I truly believe that SEO is the center of the business universe. When a company does SEO effectively it has a positive effect on every part of the company. More calls come in which leads to more people coming into the store or office which leads to more sales and that leads to increased business and profits, the need for more employees, larger space and so on.
This book is quick and easy to read. I don’t want to get too technical and put you to sleep so it is written the way I like to learn – give me the important information and then get out of my way! The content is to the point and easy to understand. If for some reason you have trouble grasping some of the concepts there are ways to contact us so we can explain it in a different way – see the final section of this book.

Ignite your site with TOR DARKNET BUNDLE (5 in 1) Master the ART OF INVISIBILITY (Bitcoins, Hacking, Kali Linux)

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Kindle Anonymity Package – 5 Books for the Price of 1!

Darknet: The ULTIMATE Guide on the Art of Invisibility

Want to surf the web anonymously? Cloak yourself in shadow? I will show you how to become a ghost in the machine – leaving no tracks back to your ISP. This book covers it all! Encrypting your files, securing your PC, masking your online footsteps with Tor browser, VPNs, Freenet and Bitcoins, and all while giving you peace of mind with TOTAL 100% ANONYMITY.

– How to Be Anonymous Online AND Offline
– Step by Step Guides for Tor, Freenet, I2P, VPNs, Usenet and more
– Browser Fingerprinting
– Anti-Hacking and Counter-forensics Techniques
– Photo & Video Metadata
– How to Encrypt Files (I make this super simple)
– How to Defeat NSA Spying
– How to Browse the Deep Web
– How to Protect Your Identity
– How to Hide Anything!

Tor & The Dark Art of Anonymity

The NSA hates Tor. So does the FBI. Even Google wants it gone, as do Facebook and Yahoo and every other soul-draining, identity-tracking vampiric media cartel that scans your emails and spies on your private browsing sessions to better target you – but there’s hope. This manual will give you the incognito tools that will make you a master of anonymity!

Covered in Tor:

– Browse the Internet Anonymously
– Darkcoins, Darknet Marketplaces & Opsec Requirements
– Tor Hidden Servers – How to Not Get Caught
– Counter-Forensics the FBI Doesn’t Want You to Know About!
– Windows vs. Linux Network Security
– Cryptocurrency (Real Bitcoin Anonymity)
– Supercookies & Encryption
– Preventing Marketers and Debt Collectors From Finding You
– How to Protect Your Assets – Home, Money & Family!
– How to Hide Anything from even the most trained IRS agents

The Invisibility Toolkit

Within this book lies top secrets known only to the FBI and a few law enforcement agencies: How to disappear in style and retain assets. How to switch up multiple identities on the fly and be invisible such that no one; not your ex, not your parole officer, nor even the federal government can find you. Ever.

You’ll learn:
– How to disappear overseas
– How to wear a perfect disguise.
– How to bring down a drone.
– How to be invisible in Canada, Thailand, China or the Philippines.
– How to use Bitcoin on the run.
– How to fool skip tracers, child support courts, student loan collectors
– How to sneak into Canada
– How to be anonymous online using Tor, Tails and the Internet Underground
– Edward Snowden’s biggest mistake.

Usenet: The Ultimate Guide

The first rule of Usenet: Don’t Talk About Usenet!
But times have changed and you want what you want. Usenet is the way to go. I will show you:

– How to use Usenet – which groups to join, which to avoid

– How to be anonymous online

– Why Usenet is better than torrents

– How to use Tor, How to use PGP, Remailers/Mixmaster, SSL.

– How to encrypt your files

– Which Vpn and Usenet companies rat you out, and which won’t.

– How to Stay Anonymous Online

You’ve probably read The Hacker Playbook by Peter Kim and the Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnick. While they are fine books, you need this super pack to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the “buy” button and wear a cloak of invisibility TODAY!

Ignite your site with Kotlin Programming By Example: Build real-world Android and web applications the Kotlin way

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Enhance your Kotlin programming skills by building 3 real-world applications

Key Features

  • Build three full-fledged, engaging applications from scratch and learn to deploy them
  • Enhance your app development and programming activities with Kotlin’s powerful and intuitive tools and utilities.
  • Experience the gentle learning curve, expressiveness, and intuitiveness of Kotlin, as you develop your own applications

Book Description

Kotlin greatly reduces the verbosity of source code. With Google having announced their support for Kotlin as a first-class language for writing Android apps, now’s the time learn how to create apps from scratch with Kotlin

Kotlin Programming By Example takes you through the building blocks of Kotlin, such as functions and classes. You’ll explore various features of Kotlin by building three applications of varying complexity. For a quick start to Android development, we look at building a classic game, Tetris, and elaborate on object-oriented programming in Kotlin. Our next application will be a messenger app, a level up in terms of complexity. Before moving onto the third app, we take a look at data persistent methods, helping us learn about the storage and retrieval of useful applications. Our final app is a place reviewer: a web application that will make use of the Google Maps API and Place Picker.

By the end of this book, you will have gained experience of of creating and deploying Android applications using Kotlin.

What you will learn

  • Learn the building blocks of the Kotlin programming language
  • Develop powerful RESTful microservices for Android applications
  • Create reactive Android applications efficiently
  • Implement an MVC architecture pattern and dependency management using Kotlin
  • Centralize, transform, and stash data with Logstash
  • Secure applications using Spring Security
  • Deploy Kotlin microservices to AWS and Android applications to the Play Store

Who this book is for

This book is for those who are new to Kotlin or are familiar with the basics, having dabbled with Java until now. Basic programming knowledge is mandatory.

Table of Contents

  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Building an Android Application-Tetris
  3. Implementing Tetris Logic and Functionality
  4. Designing and Implementing the Messenger Backend with Spring Boot 2.0
  5. Building the Messenger Android App – Part 1
  6. Building the Messenger Android App – Part 2
  7. Storing Information in a Database
  8. Securing and Deploying the Android app
  9. Creating the Place Reviewer Backend with Spring
  10. Implementing the Place Reviewer Frontend

Ignite your site with Bundle: Small Business Management: Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures, Loose-Leaf Version, 18th + MindTap Management with Live Plan, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card

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Students save money when purchasing bundled products. This bundle contains a loose-leaf version of Small Business Management: Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures, 18th and access to MindTap Management with LivePlan for 1 term (6 months) via printed access card. MindTap Management provides you with the tools you need to better manage your limited time — you can complete assignments whenever and wherever you are ready to learn with course material specially customized for you by your instructor and streamlined in one proven, easy-to-use interface.