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Stevenson’s Operations Management features integrated, up-to-date coverage of current topics and industry trends, while preserving the core concepts that have made the text the market leader in this course for over a decade. Stevenson’s careful explanations and approachable format support students in understanding the important operations management concepts as well as applying tools and methods with an emphasis on problem solving.
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Ignite your site with Internet Research Superbook: Knowledge, Fun, Jobs & the Invisible Web

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The fifteen volumes of this internet guide are as follows;

Volume 1. Learn about the Internet & Search Engines
Volume 2. Internet Search
Volume 3. Basic Internet Topics
Volume 4. Internet Communication Basics
Volume 5. New Media Directory
Volume 6. Mobile Internet/ Mobile Communication
Volume 7. Internet Miscellaneous
Volume 8. Basic Internet Video
Volume 9. Create Video/ Make Video/ Watch Video
Volume 10. Internet-Website Jobs
Volume 11. Job Networking in Real Life & Social Media
Volume 12. General Social Media Guide
Volume 13. Computer & Internet Security
Volume 14. Internet Entertainment
Volume 15. Academic Subjects/ Reference Subjects

I was learning about different parts of the internet while I was creating the Education Superbook. I was looking for the best way to do internet research, evaluate websites for quality and find the best academic, knowledge and reference websites then I created my own website and did some video editing for the internet.

Information on the internet is scattered all over the place. I took everything I could find about cyberspace and put it all in this book which is part learning about the internet, part using it for job networking and part academic reference book providing the best academic-reference websites.

This book is about the internet and where everything is on it including some reference knowledge but I try to keep my books separate in topic so for academic knowledge the relevant books I created are the Academic Subjects Superbook in particular World Knowledge Resource Guide. That’s where I put all the big education and academic databases/ websites.

I put internet business and e-commerce in a separate book which contains all the information about marketing and publicizing a website.

This book is basically about:

learn how to use the internet for research and finding information and knowledge

a big list of most search engines and search websites worldwide

a big list of the most popular high-traffic websites

the best social media. People are using instagram because it’s easy to upload video and pictures without the hassles of facebook

evaluating the truth and quality of website content

basic academic reference websites

how to create video for online usage

lots of free pictures and free photo-editing tools (pixlr.com and gimp.org)

internet privacy and security

internet viruses and malware

worldwide wifi

jobs with search engine companies, website companies, webmaster

internet entertainment and fun

You can use this information to find many companies in the internet-software realm.

The internet continues to evolve but it’s still pretty basic. The basic tools have been created for now. The next quantum leap remains to be seen. The search engine has not changed much since the early days. The internet is basically a tool to move text, pictures and video around.

The basic tools are:

search engine
create your own website
do a blog
video chat
join social community websites
send tweets
download pictures, video
watch TV
listen to audio, radio

I think the internet is great and search engines are great but it doesn’t change the fact that the information is scattered all over the place. The average person is just not that motivated as a researcher to find this stuff.

Anyone that knows anything about research knows that search engines miss a lot of relevant websites simply because these websites, for one reason or another, have not used the key terms being used for the search much even though they are very relevant in that particular field which means very good websites are often not picked up by a search engine because they’re not savvy enough or interested in trying to do sleazy things to optimize their position in the search engines while the people looking to make money try every trick they know to get people to see their websites.

Good internet research …

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