Ignite your site with Build your first website with Django 2.1: Master the basics of Django while building a fully-functioning website

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Build your first website with Django 2.1 is the second edition of the popular Build your first website with Python and Django, fully updated for Django 2.1

Not only has the book been updated to cover the latest version of Django, but the content has been rewritten and expanded in key sections in response to feedback from purchasers of the first edition.

Your complete introduction to Django 2

Build your first website with Django 2.1 covers all the core concepts of Django to get you up and running fast:

  • Why Django is the premier Python framework for developing web applications
  • The big picture – how Django is structured
  • Django Models
  • Django Views
  • Django Templates
  • The Django admin
  • Generic views
  • Simple forms
  • Complex forms and model forms
  • Managing Users
  • Restricted content
  • File uploads
  • Sending email
  • Deploying a Django application

Build a real website

This book is not about boring theory. You’ll be building a fully functioning website as you learn Django. I even show you how to deploy your website to the Internet for free.

Ignite your site with LiftMaster MyQ Retrofit Package

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The LiftMaster MyQ Retrofit Package Includes (1) MyQ Control Panel – 888LM (1) LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828LM. With it you can upgrade your LiftMaster garage door opener manufactured since 1998 to the new MyQ and Security+ 2.0 radio systems so you can control and manage your LiftMaster garage door opener and other MyQ accessories from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone, tablet or computer.NOT compatible with operators already equipped with MyQ technology(1) MyQ Control Panel – 888LM
(1) LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828LM
Upgrade to LiftMaster MyQ Technology
NOT compatible with operators equipped with MyQ technology

Ignite your site with Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 8e WileyPLUS (next generation) + Loose-leaf

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Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that your instructor requires WileyPLUS. If your course ID starts with an “A” your class is using the next generation of WileyPLUS. This packages includes a loose-leaf edition of Financial Accounting, 10th Edition, a registration code for WileyPLUS (next generation), and 6 months access to the eTextbook edition as part of the course (accessible online and offline).

For customer technical support, please visit http://www.wileyplus.com/support. WileyPLUS registration cards are only included with new products. Used and rental products may not include WileyPLUS registration cards.

More students get accounting when using Weygandt, Kimmel, Kieso, Financial Accounting, 10th Edition because of the unique Framework of Success created and refined by the authors based on years of teaching and course design experience. In WileyPLUS and in print, clear and relevant exposition, engaging visuals and videos, and valuable end-of-chapter material work together to build students confidence and mastery of accounting concepts and skills. The new 10th edition of Financial Accounting by Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso continues to provide students with a clear and comprehensive introduction to financial accounting and has been thoroughly updated with extensive digital resources to further enhance student learning and success.

Ignite your site with 4 in 1 Blusmart OL288 Laminator, A4, Rotary Trimmer/Corner Rounder/10 Laminating Pouches, Black4

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The Blusmart OL288 Laminating Machine is equipped with paper trimmer and corner rounder, making crafting works incredible easy and convenient especially for school and office use.

Special features:
-incredible 3-in-1 function (laminator/paper trimmer/corner rounder)
-3 different cutting patterns (straight/perforated /wave)
-supported thermal and cold lamination ( removes air bubbles and provides a smooth finish for both thermal and cold lamination.)
-fast 3-5 minutes warm up
-innovative heating system without bubbles
-laminates from business cards to A4 size documents

Technical Specifications
Maximum Width: 230mm
Ready Time: 3-5 minutes
Pouch Thickness: 160(2 x 80)-250(2 x 125)mic <0.5mm
LED Indication Lights: on/off indication light; laminating indication light
Laminating Speed: 250mm/min
Heating System: 2 roller system
Paper Jam Prevention: jam release button
Dimensions: 390 x 142 x 99mm

Rotary Paper Trimmer Specifications
Cutting Capacity: 3 sheets of A4-size paper simultaneously
Maximum Width: 310mm
Cutting Pattern: 3 types- straight line, perforated line and wavy line

Corner Rounder Specification
Cutting Capacity: 3 sheets of A4-size paper simultaneously

Guaranteed Warranty
We provide 24/7 customer support and one-year warranty including replacement and refund. If you have any further problems or need any help, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team via email. We are glad to help.

What’s in Your Box?
1 x Blusmart BL01 Laminating Machine (the rotary paper trimmer is already installed above the machine)
1 x Corner Rounder (already installed on the bottom of the laminator)
1 x Instruction Manual🔥Laminator, corner rounder, rotary trimmer with straight, perforated and wave cutting styles.
🔥Hot & cold modes fulfill different needs, use self-adhesive pouches for cold laminating only.
🔥Plug in, wait for 3-5min preheating, and enjoy amazing laminating speed of 250mm/min.
🔥Laminates in 160mic(2 x 80mic) – 250mic(2 x 125mic) pouches with 230mm throat entry.
🔥Comes with 10pcs free laminating pouches and paper jam prevention design.

Ignite your site with Web Database Construction Kit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Linking Microsoft Access Databases to the Web, Using Visual Basic and the Included Website 1.1 Web Server

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This result-oriented primer explores real situations dealing with Web-based databased publishing. The Web Database Construction Kit is a step-by-step guide to publishing databases over the Web using already popular Microsoft Access and Visual Basic environments.Used Book in Good Condition