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It’s 1 AM, there are 20 tabs open on your computer, you lost your flashcards for the test, and you’re so tired you can’t even read. It’d be nice if someone came up with a more efficient way of studying. Luckily, someone did. With a single login for MindTap Management, you can connect with your instructor, organize coursework, and have access to a range of study tools, including e-book and apps all in one place! Manage your time and workload without the hassle of heavy books: the MindTap Reader keeps all your notes together, lets you print the material, and will even read text out loud. Need extra practice? Find pre-populated flashcards with the MindTap Mobile App, as well as quizzes and important course alerts. Want to know where you stand? Use the Progress app to track your performance in relation to other students. This streamlined learning path, provides all the info you need to master this class. The experiential Family Business game, served up through YouSeeU, offers you the chance to get in the driver’s seat. Practice quizzes reinforce chapter concept. Real life and fictional cases bring concepts to life, including brand new cases from the Gale Business Insights database.

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Ignite your site with Essential Business Skills for Social Work Managers: Tools for Optimizing Programs and Organizations

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Many social workers find themselves in management positions within a few years of graduating from MSW programs. Most of these jobs are in nonprofit human service organizations in which, increasingly, business acumen is necessary to maintain grants and donations, start new programs, market services to clients, supervise the finance function, and understand the external environment.

This book teaches MSW students and early-stage social work management practitioners the essential business skills needed to manage programs and organizations; to improve their overall management toolkit for finding a better job or getting promoted; and, ultimately, to gain parity with other managers holding MBA degrees and working in the human service space.

This text can serve as a desk reference for managers to troubleshoot various situations. It is also appropriate for social work macro practice courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as courses that cover human resource management and financial management.

Ignite your site with Waterproof Poly Tool Pouch – 3 PACK of Clip Bags, 12.5″ x 7″ with 2.5″ Carabiner and Zipper

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  • 12.5″ X 7″ pack of 3 durable multi-color tool pouch
  • Pack of 3 bags – 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Black – 600D Polyester, PVC-Lined bags are tear-resistant and waterproof
  • Over 9X stronger than canvas! – Attached metal carabiner clip can accommodate up to 2″ wide belts. Constructed using strong YKK Zippers and Double-Stitched for added strength
  • Use these bags to organize tools, screws, bolts, nuts, nails, cords, wires, writing utensils, flashlights, batteries, notepads, documents, cleaning products, and anything else you need stored!
  • Use these bags to organize your garage, your car, your home, work sites, back packs, camping bags, glove compartment, filing cabinets, and more!
  • TOUGH, RUGGED AND WATERPROOF: Perfect for Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, DIY’er, Garage storage, First-Aid Kit storage, Travel Tote, Or salon professionals, artists, students, travel, school, these are your multifunctional, pack of colorful helpers
    LONG LASTING STRENGTH AND DESIGN: The double stitching and waterproof poly will last you for years. Take advantage of the portability features of the 2.5″ carabiner, which is perfect to hang almost anywhere!
    STORE ANYTHING FOR HOBBIES OR WORK: This 12.5″ x 7″ waterproof polybag will hold all of your essentials. Artist? No problem! Construction? No problem! Kids toys? No Problem!
    MULTI-COLOR: Helps you keep items organized and remembering what you placed inside
    PERFECT STORAGE AND USABILITY: The easy zip YKK zipper lets you get down to business fast, and with no snags. Never get frustrated trying to get to your tools.

Ignite your site with MBA in a DAY 2.0: What you would learn at top-tier business schools (if you only had the time!)

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Who has the time or money for an MBA? You have a job, a professional practice or a business to start or grow.

Business skills, however, are essential for success whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, engineer, working in a non-profit organization or building your own business. Understanding basic concepts of economics, marketing, management, leadership, finance and accounting will be the fuel for your drive and passion to succeed.
MBA in a DAY 2.0 tackles business fundamentals in a simple and engaging manner. Professor Steven Stralser PhD makes it easy to grasp the basics of business: how to manage people, how to manage money, how to manage markets, and how to manage business systems. These four areas of exploration will deepen your understanding of how the business world works.
Not everyone has time to take a class, but if you learn just one new concept every time you open this book, you’ll be well on your way to build your own MBA!

Ignite your site with Mens Agile Software Development Life Cycle Shirt for Programmers 2XL Black

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Best t-shirt for computer programming & agile software development with computer programmer salary. Hacking is big with sdk and game development software or freelance software development process & internship engineer manager salary life cycle web dev & co
Good for programmers, technology team members, school administrators, quality assurance project manager, bachelors with naming conventions, healthcare IT professionals, industry intern, horror humor degree company, contract work college budget certificate
Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Ignite your site with Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, Third Edition

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Winner of a Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award

The new edition of this Shingo Prize-winning bestseller provides critical insights and approaches to make any Lean transformation an ongoing success. It shows you how to implement a sustainable, successful transformation by developing a culture that has your stakeholders throughout the organizational chart involved and invested in the outcome. It teaches you how to successfully navigate the politics in cross-functional process improvement projects, and to engage executives in ways that are personally meaningful to them. If you are a leader at any level in an organization undergoing or considering a Lean transformation, this is where you should start and finish … and start again.

Read the Reviews:

“This book became an instant classic in the literature of professional operations. In this third edition, David Mann updates and expands his teaching with five additional years of valuable experience and expertise derived from his very active, multi-industry consultancy. I have benefitted greatly from his writing and wholeheartedly recommend this book to be top-of-the desk of any serious Lean practitioner or performance transformation leader.”
― Raymond C. Floyd, two-time Shingo Prize Winner, President and CEO, Plasco Energy Group

“David Mann builds substantially on his seminal work on the Lean management system. The book is full of new insight and polishes the most important ideas about Lean management. The new chapter on engaging executive leadership alone is worth the price of the book.”
― Peter Ward, Richard M. Ross Professor and Chair, Department of Management Science, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“This book has long been my ‘go-to’ guide on Lean management practices that help create a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. I have recommended the book to countless healthcare leaders who rave about how helpful it is in translating Lean principles into daily management behaviors. The healthcare examples make it even more relevant as a must read for any hospital leader who aims to move beyond Lean tools..”
―Mark Graban, author of Lean Hospitals, co-author of Healthcare Kaizen and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen

“As more companies outside the manufacturing sector pursue Lean transformations, Creating a Lean Culture is as critical a resource as ever. Breaking down silos and navigating tricky internecine politics remain a momentous challenge, and Mann’s case-based insights are an invaluable tool.”
― Peg Pennington, Executive Director, Center for Operational Excellence, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“David has once again taken the topics that trip us up and put structure and guidance around them. His new work on executive involvement is worth the price of the book all by itself. Many of us have struggled with this topic and David provides a path to success.”
― Elizabeth M. King, Vice President Organizational Effectiveness, ESCO Corporation

New in the Third Edition:

  • Contains new chapter on engaging executives in Lean initiatives
  • Includes 21 new case studies
  • Presents new examples from the healthcare and process industries
  • Includes additional gemba worksheets for learning and teaching Lean
  • Provides expanded coverage of Lean applications in complex cross functional value stream process improvement projects
Watch David Mann discuss how the latest edition of Creating a Lean Culture can help you and your organization succeed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX7jrtV3cBA&feature=youtu.beProductivity Press

Ignite your site with Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons

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In Business Brilliant, Lewis Schiff combines compelling storytelling with ground-breaking research to show the rest of us what America’s self-made rich already know: It’s synergy, not serendipity that produces success.

He explodes common myths about wealth and explains how legendary entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Suze Orman, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet have subscribed to a set of priorities that’s completely different from those of the middle class.

Schiff identifies the seven distinct principles practiced by individuals who may or may not be any smarter than the rest of the population, but seem to understand instinctively how money is made. This guide also reveals how these business icons excel in areas of team building, risk management, and leadership development to accumulate their wealth.

He offers a practical four-step program, from choosing one’s livelihood and pinpointing skills to focus on, to negotiating job terms and salary, in order to bring upon greater success.

Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff, coauthor of The Middle Class Millionaire: The Rise of the New Rich and How They are Changing America and The Armchair Millionaire, can help you can achieve better results in your business and in your career.

Ignite your site with Health Fitness Management – 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Resource for Managing and Operating Programs and Facilities

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Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, provides an in-depth picture of the varied and rewarding role of the health and fitness club manager. With contributions from leading experts in the fitness industry, several new chapters, a more practical emphasis, enhanced features, and the addition of instructor resources, this second edition is the most authoritative and field-tested guide to management success.

Whether soothing disgruntled members, ensuring club safety and profitability, or motivating staff to perform at their best, health and fitness club managers require the right mix of skills and flexibility to support the success and continued growth of their clubs. Both aspiring and practicing club managers can rely on Health Fitness Management to help them acquire and improve their management skills across all areas:

-Human resources: Understand the importance of organizational development and the payoffs of thoughtful staff recruitment, training, development, retention, and compensation.

-Sales and marketing: Discover new ways to attract and retain members and increase profitability with the right mix of products and services.

-Financial management: Learn how to read financial statements and understand and control the risks associated with running a fitness club.

-Facility maintenance: Implement systems to ensure the upkeep and safety of the facility and its equipment.

-Program evaluation: Determine the “fitness level” of the club and its programs, capitalize on strengths, and find solutions to improve weak areas.

-Industry perspective: Understand the history of health and fitness management, its present status, and future trends.
Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, has been fully updated and organized for maximum retention and easy reference. Each chapter begins with “Tales From the Trenches,” a real-life example that clearly illustrates the chapter’s theoretical focus. “The Bottom Line” segments sum up the key points of the chapters in an applied context so readers can see exactly how the information is applied on the job. Learning objectives, key terms, and a list of references and recommended reading round out each chapter to make the material even more comprehensive to students, and a new instructor guide and test package make the text ideal for instructors teaching a course. Practitioners will find the added bonus of many time-saving reproducible forms, including a sample membership agreement, an equipment maintenance form, and a guest registration and exercise waiver.

Written by industry experts with more than 300 combined years of experience, Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, is the fundamental resource for the management and operation of health and fitness facilities and programs. Enhanced with practical scenarios and applied knowledge, it provides a solid foundation for students preparing for a management career in the health and fitness industry and serves as an essential reference for professionals already enjoying the challenges and opportunities of club management.

Author(s): Michael Bates
Published: 11-14-2007