Ignite your site with Daily Classifieds (prev. Daily for Craigslist)

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Automatic location detection displays all the hopping categories available for your area
Set your location manually or search multiple locations at once
Save time by saving your most frequent searches
Filter results by price range, listings with images, and most recent posts
Get notified when new postings are added that match your Saved Searches.
Set Daily, 3x Daily, or Hourly notifications to never miss an item for sale again!
Save listings to your Favorites as you browse
Recall your full list of Favorites in just one tap
Tap to call and connect with used goods sellers immediately (number must be provided)
Post your own For Sale listings directly from the app

Ignite your site with Coding HTML CSS JavaScript Made Easy: Web, Apps and Desktop

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Coding HTML CSS JavaScript is a great practical guide to the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.This book covers JavaScript, which is vital if you want your website to do more than simply display information, such as membership login or feedback forms. Coding HTML CSS JavaScript covers all the fundamental elements of the languages and how and where to use them. With easy-to-follow information, screenshots and helpful step-by-steps, this guide will take your web design to a new level!

Ignite your site with eBay – Buy, Sell & Save Money

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Search, Bid, Buy or Make offers on unique items from around the world
List your items for sale in minutes (selling not available in all countries)
Use the barcode scanner to find items, compare prices or start a new listing
Get alerts about your eBay items and activity
Track your packages
Leave feedback
Read and respond to eBay messages
Save your favorite searches and sellers for quick access to the latest inventory
Revise your listings and manage your eBay business on the go (selling not available in all countries)
So much more. We’ll spare you the details so you can start shopping now.

Ignite your site with Hello Web Design: Design Fundamentals and Shortcuts for Non-Designers

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Aimed at engineers, programmers, marketers, and other non-designers, Hello Web Design will teach you design principles and handy shortcuts so you can feel confident designing your homepage, side-project, future startup, your next presentation, and more.

Most design books assume you want to be a professional designer and start with deep dives into theory and history. Hello Web Design drops the theory in favor of shortcuts and tools you can use today to improve your design skills and get you on the road to learning more.

Part one of Hello Web Design walks you through the building blocks of design (the grid, colors, white space, and more) in compact, easy to read chapters with down-to-earth terms. Part two walks you though the design process, giving you an actionable plan to start doing design work yourself.

No nonsense, no fluff. Learn just enough design to feel comfortable doing your own design work today.

Listed as one of Shopify’s must-read design books of 2017!
Hello Web Design, funded on Kickstarter, is a fantastic introduction to design fundamentals and shortcuts for non-designers. It teaches you the basics — design principles like typography and white space, as well as the process including prototyping and getting feedback — in easy-to-understand language, with plenty of real-world examples.

Ignite your site with JavaScript: Learn Basics of Scripting Language and Use in Programming Easily

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What is JavaScript, really?

JavaScript (“JS” for short) could be a full-fledged dynamic programing language that, once applied to an hypertext markup language document, will offer dynamic interactivity on websites. it absolutely was fictional by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and therefore the Mozilla Corporation.

JavaScript is unbelievably versatile. you’ll begin little, with carousels, image galleries, unsteady layouts, and responses to button clicks. With a lot of expertise, you will be ready to produce games, animated second and 3D graphics, comprehensive database-driven apps, and far more!

JavaScript itself is fairly compact nonetheless terribly versatile. Developers have written an outsized form of tools on prime of the core JavaScript language, unlocking a huge quantity of additional practicality with minimum effort. These include:

Browser Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) — Apis engineered into net browsers, providing practicality like dynamically making hypertext markup language and setting CSS designs, collection and manipulating a video stream from the user’s digital camera, or generating 3D graphics and audio samples.

Third-party Apis to permit developers to include practicality in their sites from different content suppliers, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Third-party frameworks and libraries you’ll apply to your hypertext markup language to permit you to quickly build up sites and applications.

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Ignite your site with You Should Totally Get an MBA: A Comedian’s Guide to Top U.S. Business Schools

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You wouldn’t pick your nose in an MBA interview, but would you make any of the other mistakes Paul Ollinger discusses in this, his irreverent first book?

Read You Should Totally Get an MBA to find out:

-Why you should (or shouldn’t) go to business school in the first place
-How much more money you’ll make as an MBA and the related NPV
-What NPV means
-How to avoid being a b-school a-hole, d-bag or F-student
-The math proving that business school is better than law school
-How to ace the application process and distinguish yourself in the interview
-What Beavis and Butthead can teach you about career management
And most importantly, this book will give you a decided edge over the dirty miscreants who don t read it.

Ignite your site with The MINI MBA Bootcamp: What Every Business Manager or Startup Must Know To Succeed

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Transform your managerial competencies as you make the move to strategic, influential leadership. Beginning is half the work!

Dr. Gerard L. Danford: MBA – London Business School, PhD – Helsinki School of Economics, B.Sc. Engineering – CCSU (USA).

2018 Updated and Revised Edition.

FREE BONUS: Access to Academy Bridge ‘Change Management 2.0’ & ‘How to Start a Startup’ online courses. To Register, provide your Amazon receipt number at https://goo.gl/M7MTGW

Are you missing the skills needed to succeed? Those skills could help accelerate your success because; your skill set is your career capital! Time for personal development is very limited but, after completing the Mini MBA you will understand 18 essential topics (best return on investment – ROI – for your valuable time). Managers, startup founders and business students will benefit most from this in-depth & practical book. The Mini MBA could make the greatest difference in your success!

What You Will Learn

Success Theme

  • The formula for success in business and how to make that success happen?

  • How to navigate the rapidly changing business environment (8 Accelerators)?

  • How to avoid the greatest enemy of success (4 Forms of Complexity)?

Management Theme

  • The 3 secrets to becoming more innovative.

  • The 5 tasks of effective managers.

  • The 3 tools for making better business decisions.

Money Theme

  • Why behavioral economics ‘eats rational economics for breakfast’.

  • Why you must Understand Value in order to succeed in business (4 Drivers of Value)?

  • Why Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) is not used effectively?

Market Theme

  • Why success in marketing is driven mostly through ‘budget allocation’?

  • How to improve your digital marketing ROI?

  • Why mobile is now the #1 marketing challenge, and how to succeed in a mobile-first marketplace?

Process Theme

  • What is the Business Case for a Companies Sustainability Strategy?

  • How to manage dynamic and stable operations (Agile-Lean Process Skills)?

  • Why, where, and how to succeed in international business?

Future Theme

  • What are the 4 Proven Strategic Styles?

  • How to use the 6 Career Weapons?

  • How to Avoid Startup Failure (the 10/90 Rule)?

PLUS: Case studies on Amazon, Google, Lego and much more…

About The Author

Dr. Gerard L. Danford received his PhD from the Helsinki School of Economics, MBA from The London Business School (#1 in global MBA rankings), and B.Sc. in engineering from CCSU (USA).

Why I Created The Mini MBA BOOTCAMP?

Having spent 20 years in business consulting & 20 years teaching in Business School Programs in Europe and North America, I can say with confidence that there are just a few essential concepts which every present and future manager must understand in order to succeed.

Suitable for

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Ignite your site with HTML QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide To HTML

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learning HTML. Learning HTML Has Never Been Easier!

Are you trying to expand your coding and web design horizons?

This Guide Presents HTML Broken Down into Easy-to-Follow Steps with Extensive Examples & Real Application! Learning web design applications has never been easier or more relevant. When it comes to learning web design languages, it can be tough to even know where to start. Many guides and walkthroughs are simply too dense and loaded with programming jargon.

ClydeBank Media’s HTML QuickStart Guide takes readers and learners through the HTML learning process in a step-by-step progressive path. Our simplified presentation means that foundational concepts are built upon to speed up the HTML mastery process.

This guide starts with the fundamentals and takes readers all the way to building their very own full-fledged HTML5-compliant web page.

In today’s business environment, coding and web design languages are critical skills. Additionally, they are a great way to boost your resume and set yourself apart from other job applicants. Whether you are making a career change to the tech sector or just looking to brush up on crucial web design concepts, ClydeBank Media’s HTML QuickStart Guide is an affordable and valuable HTML resource. No one wants to read a wall of text or just talk about HTML concepts. In addition to a simplified presentation, this learning guide uses extensive screenshots and practical examples to illustrate key HTML functions and accelerate the mastery process.

Practical examples and numerous screenshots make it feel like you have your own personal HTML tutor looking over your shoulder.

Though there are numerous programming languages for the web, HTML forms the backbone of web design and is a powerful tool in any web designer’s toolbox. In fact, HTML markup is hard at work right now formatting this text you’re reading! This approach to learning HTML is so easy that no prior web design or coding experience is needed. No special software or applications are required – just a desire to learn and to build HTML5-compliant websites.

**New** Your purchase comes with free lifetime access to our collection of relevant digital assets. These guides, summaries, checklists, and cheat sheets enhance your learning journey and supplement this QuickStart Guide.

You’ll Learn…

  • Foundational HTML Terminology
  • Basic Page Structure – Head & Body Markup
  • Page Content Creation – Paragraphs, Lists, Tables and Images
  • Content Structure – Headers, Footers, Semantic Images
  • The Importance of HTML5 Compatibility
  • The Top Mistakes to AVOID That Those New to HTML Make!

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