Ignite your site with LED Scrolling Sign Full Color 27 x 8, Resolution P10, Advertising Tool for Your Business

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P10 full color RGB led scrolling sign for advertising your business, with new bright SMD LED technology for more light to improve advertising.
One year full warranty

POLAR LED sign comes with easy to program and simple software for your windows computer on USB flash memory.
Program what you want to display on LED sign including text, date,time, company logo and with USB flash memory transfer to LED sign.
Type the words on the computer and save it to flash USB drive and plug
USB flash drive to sign and message will appear on LED sign.

– 26.4″ x 7.6″ ultra bright SMD full color P10 RGB bright programmable LED scrolling sign.
– Power supply 5V, 5A, 60W with USA plug UL listed, 85-240 V. ( 110V USA supported )
– Programming software on USB flash memory with our sample program and VIDEO TUTORIAL.
– 2 mounting holders. Chain for hanging is not included in packing.
– Printed color instruction manual on English language.
– Video tutorial is on USB flash memory.

– Display size 26.4″ x 7.6″ P10 resolution 66 x 16 pixels .
– package size 30″x 9″ x 3.5″.
– Display resolution 96 x 16 pixels. Number of pixels : 6144 pcs
– Support for different language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic,Russian, Chinese.
– For indoor use , not waterproof case fopr indoor use.
– Software works with MS Windows based systems.
– Bright SMD light source.
– Strong aluminum case frame .
– Perfect solution for advertising.

Password for software : led888Slim aluminum housing ,full RGB color P10 LED sign with new SMD technology, RESOLUTION 96 x 16 pixels. With new software for MS Windows computer.
Size of led sign 26.4″ x 7.6″ depth 1.9″, strong slim aluminium case frame. Works with Windows operating system. Software do not work on Aplle compters.
VIDEO TUTORIAL amd printed color instruction manual are included. Dots density P 10 ( 10 mm 0.39″ distance between dots), display resolution 66 x 16 dots
UL listed power supply UL listed 5V with USA plug 85-240 V, for indoor use
Display support : test,time, image, your company logo. Over 99 messages and logos are supported.

Ignite your site with Excel VBA Programming For Dummies

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Having Excel and just using it for standard spreadsheets is a little like getting the ultimate cable system and a 50” flat panel plasma HDTV and using it exclusively to watch Lawrence Welk reruns. With Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming, you can take advantage of numerous Excel options such as: creating new worksheet functions; automating tasks and operations; creating new appearances, toolbars, and menus; designing custom dialog boxes and add-ins; and much more.

This guide is not for rank Excel amateurs. It’s for intermediate to advanced Excel users who want to learn VBA programming (or whose bosses want them to learn VBA programming). You need to know your way around Excel before you start creating customized short cuts or systems for speeding through Excel functions. If you’re an intermediate or advanced Excel user, Excel VBA For Dummies helps you take your skills (and your spreadsheets) to the next level. It includes:

  • An introduction to the VBA language
  • A hands-on, guided, step-by-step walk through developing a useful VBA macro, including recording, testing, and changing it, and testing it
  • The essential foundation, including the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and its components, modules, Excel object model, subroutines and functions, and the Excel macro recorder
  • The essential VBA language elements, including comments, variables and constants, and labels
  • Working with Range objects and discovering useful Range objective properties and methods
  • Using VBA and worksheet functions, including a list and examples
  • Programming constructions, including the GoTo statement, the If-Then structure, Select Case, For-Next loop, Do-While loop, and Do-Until loop
  • Automatic procedures and Workbook events, including a table and event-handler procedures
  • Error-handling and bug extermination techniques, and using the Excel debugging tools
  • Creating custom dialog boxes, also known as UserForms, with a table of the toolbox controls and their capabilities, how-to for the dialog box controls, and UserForm techniques and tricks
  • Customizing the Excel toolbars
  • Using VBA code to modify the Excel menu system
  • Creating worksheet functions and working with various types of arguments
  • Creating Excel add-ins such as new worksheet functions you can use in formulas or new commands or utilities

Author John Walkenbach is a leading authority on spreadsheet software and the author of more than 40 spreadsheet books including Excel 2003 Bible and Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA. While this guide includes tons of examples and screenshots, Walkenbach knows there’s no substitute for hands-on learning. The book is complete with:

  • A dedicated companion Web site that includes bonus chapters plus all sample programs to save you a lot of typing and let you play around and experiment with various changes
  • Information to help you make the most of Excel’s built-in Help system so you can find out other stuff you may need to know

What are you waiting for? Sure, learning to do VBA programming takes a little effort, but it’s a Very Big Accomplishment.

Used Book in Good Condition

Ignite your site with WordPress: Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners

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Are you dreaming of building a WordPress website for your business or blog, but don’t know enough about it to get started? What would you do if you had the ultimate resource for building your WordPress site? Well, you are in luck. This book, WordPress: Basic Fundamental Guide For Beginners, is the resource guide that can help you not only understand what WordPress can do for you but also how to make it beneficial for your business and/or blogging needs. You will have all the knowledge that you need to start building a website that will help you grow your community and bring you that much closer to living your dream of designing your WordPress website. A brief summary of this resource guide is listed below.

Summarizing this resource book is simple and can be broken down into 13 bullet points.

•How to determine your passion, project, or hobby so that you can find the right subject matter for your domain name.
•Picking a domain name that is specific, precise, not too many letters, and describes what it is your business or blog website is about.
•How to pick your blog name, research its availability and purchase it. Learn what services come with a domain name and whether or not you need them.
•Buying hosting from a reputable company and beginning to set up your site. Detailed descriptions of several hosting companies and the benefits for each one.
•Transferring your DNS from the purchasing site’s DNS to the hosting site’s DNS.
•How to download WordPress so that you can start building your website. Two different ways to download WordPress outside of the one click download option are described.
•Changing or picking your theme out of thousands of professionally designed themes. How to locate the best themes and what you should look for when picking a theme.
•Adding plugins that will support your website and protect it. Which plugins are necessary and should be used. A brief overview of each one that should be used.
•Setting up your website through the customization feature on WordPress. A detailed description of what each feature under the customization tab does and how you can make it work for you.
•Designing your website with a static page or blog page. The difference between the two, and the advantages of a static page and a blog page.
•How to determine your genre for what you will use your website for, as well as your blog. Finding who your community will be and how to reach them.
•Building pages for all your website content needs, including about me page, contact page, services page, FAQS page, as well as the privacy policy page.
•Writing posts that will entertain and educate your followers. How to format the posts so that they provide the biggest impact and reach the widest audience.
•Utilizing some HTML for optimal blogging, so that your posts are optimized and elegantly written.
•How to start blogging to build community, attract clientele, and reach those in similar situations.
But this is just the simple breakdown of what you will find in this book. For a more in-depth breakdown download the book and check out the introduction where we go over all the details that are contained in this amazing resource.

Ignite your site with Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance

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Find success in finance, friendships, , and spirituality with the advice of a well-known expert

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone is seeking a happier, more successful life. So then why do so few attain it? Business Secrets from the Bible proposes a new way to view and approach success—one based upon key concepts from the Bible that are actually surprisingly simple. Written especially for those seeking success in the realms of money, relationships, and spirituality, this book encourages readers to realize their common mistakes, come to terms with them, and turn those mistakes into future triumphs. Filled with concrete advice for improved finances, spirituality, and connection, this resource takes a practical approach and aims to change not just the minds, but the actions of readers with a self-evident and persuasive pathway.

Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, the author reveals the clear link between making money and spirituality, and urges readers to focus on self-discipline, integrity, and character strength in order to achieve personal prosperity. Special emphasis is given to establishing positive attitudes toward making money and adopting effective Biblically-based strategies.

  • Demonstrates how earnings and profits are God’s reward for forming relationships with others and serving them
  • Stresses the importance of service, sharing, change, leadership, and creating boundaries and structures
  • Encourages readers to focus on other people’s desires and teaches why and how to make connections with many people
  • Suggests ways for readers to transform themselves and continue toward success even in the face of fear and uncertainty

Attaining wealth and well-being is no longer a mystery. Let this book identify and correct the errors that are keeping you from fulfillment and happiness.

Ignite your site with Action Item List: How To Drive Your Team With One Simple Tool (Managingamericans.com Business Templates) (Volume 1)

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How can you ensure your team does not find itself behind schedule or delayed from reaching success? Willpower is not the answer – however, project management and/or team management tools can be an effective driver of positive results. They come in many shapes and forms, but fundamentally they start with building an Action Item List. This book defines a very simple process to help transform your team’s culture from excuses, into a proactive, action-oriented machine. We’ve outlined nine steps you can take to successfully transform your team & drive results. We’ve even included an easy template to get you started!

Ignite your site with Magento: Guida pratica per creare un ecommerce vincente (Italian Edition)

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Questo manuale, scritto principalmente per i venditori, illustra le sezioni più importanti per gestire al meglio uno store online realizzato con Magento: dall’inserimento dei prodotti alla gestione delle categorie, dalla creazione di una promozione all’inserimento di un coupon sconto. Valido sia per la versione 1.9 sia per la 2.2, il volume presenta anche parti di codice PHP e riferimenti al database per gli sviluppatori alle prime armi. Non mancano tabelle esplicative e comparative, grafici e screenshot d’esempio nonché alcuni casi di studio su ecommerce reali. Un intero capitolo è dedicato all’ottimizzazione per motori di ricerca (SEO) su Magento con la spiegazione tecnica di ogni singola funzionalità presente nella piattaforma. Sono riportati infine i principali comandi in linea per la corretta manutenzione, i più famosi plugin, i migliori tool per gli store manager e le app specifiche per Magento.

Ignite your site with Blackstone 1542 5 Piece Professional Grade Grill Griddle BBQ Tool Kit with FREE Recipe Book – 2 Spatulas, 1 Chopper Scrapper and 2 Bottles – Great for Flat Top Cooking, Camping and Tailgating

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The Blackstone Griddle Kit offers 2 Liquid Dispensers, 2 Professional Grade Spatulas, 1 Chopper Scrapper and a Blackstone Introductory Griddle Cook Book. Step up your backyard cooking game and add the tools needed to make it the most enjoyable experience possible. This kit has everything you need to get going. Use the included cook book for inspiration or new recipes .PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Each tool is made to a high standard; The perfect heavy duty tool kit for any novice or professional alike. Made with stainless steel and quality composite, this grill kit is built to last. Plus, all tools are DISHWASHER SAFE for quick and easy BBQ clean up
FIVE TOOLS – 2 oversized professional grade restaurant style stainless steel spatulas, great for flipping burgers, pancakes, veggies and all other grill or griddle applications. 1 stainless steel chopper/scraper to dice food and scrape griddles clean. 2 premium leak-free fine tip bottles for condiments and liquids like oil or water
FREE GIFT – Enjoy an exclusive bonus cookbook titled “The Art of Griddle Cooking” with several mouthwatering griddle recipes including Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, Blue Cheese Sliders, Griddle Pizza and more!
A MUST HAVE – Looking for a great gift idea for that special someone? This Blackstone griddle/grill tool kit is the perfect addition to any backyard kitchen and will compliment your Blackstone griddle as well as your Weber, Charbroil, Coleman or any other barbeque or grill you and your loved ones enjoy

Ignite your site with Magento 2 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Magento 2

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Key Features

  • Plain English and step-by-step instruction: Learn Magento 2 by following plain English, clear visuals and enjoyable step-by-step instructions.
  • Hands-on learning: Master Magento 2 by building a complete Magento site.
  • Book Description

    Magento 2 is amazingly powerful ecommerce software. But many newcomers find it confusing, and most Magento 2 books are just too complicated to help. If you want to spend less time struggling with complex instructions, and more time building sites that make you proud, this is the book for you!

    Stephen Burge has taught thousands of beginners – and thousands more who’ve experimented with Content Management Systems and Magento but haven’t mastered the software yet. Nobody knows more about guiding Magento users up the learning curve – from confusion to results!

    Burge and the OSTraining team make learning fun. Like their online training, you learn by following enjoyable, step-by-step instructions. OSTraining books are written in plain English and are supported by plenty of online documentation and videos.

    Magento 2 Explained requires absolutely no experience with Magento, content management, website construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML. Please note: This book is 100% aimed at Magento beginners.

    What You’ll Learn

    You’ll master Magento 2 hands-on, through a complete case study, crystal-clear visuals, simple explanations, and on-target analogies, all extensively tested with real Magento beginners.

    Burge walks you through installing Magento 2, planning sites that are easy to use and manage, adding content, and incorporating powerful site features without programming. Finally, Burge shows you how to run your site securely and efficiently, no matter how big or popular it becomes!

    About the Author

    Stephen Burge has split his career between teaching and web development. He now runs OSTraining.com, which specializes in teaching website development. OSTraining.com’s clients include Apple, Pfizer, and the U.S. Departments of Energy, Education, and Commerce.

    Burge’s books are some of the world’s best-selling guides to the software they cover. His books include:

    • Joomla Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2011)
    • Drupal 7 Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2013)
    • Joomla 3 Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2014)
    • MySQL Explained (OSTraining, 2015)
    • Drupal 7 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Drupal 8 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Joomla 3 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Multilingual Joomla Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Magento Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • WordPress Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • WooCommerce Explained (OSTraining, 2017)