Ignite your site with Stanley Jr.8 pc.Tool Set

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The STANLEY Jr. 8 Piece Toy Tool Set is an essential kit for your young DIYer. Now they can have toy tools perfect for their small hands that look just like yours. The set includes a hammer, #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers, mini clamp, tape measure, square, safety googles, and a tool belt. Let the fun begin as you build and create together. Recommended for ages 5+ Skill level: Beginner Features & Benefits An essential toy tool set for your young DIYer to build & create with Toy tool handles & grips are adapted for children’s small hands The set includes a hammer, #1 & #2 Phillips screwdrivers, mini clamp, tape measure, square, safety googles, & a tool belt All orders are shipped within 2 business days of payment No shipments to outside of US Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about your order. We are very serious about our online reputation so please give us a chance to resolve any issues before leaving any negative comments.REAL STANELY TOOLS SIZED FOR SMALLER HANDS

Ignite your site with The LightWave 7.5 Primer (Graphics Series)

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LightWave is a versatile program that has been used for years in television, film, and games. It is also used to create graphics for print, web, industrial design, architecture, medical imaging, and a variety of other areas. The LightWave 7.5 Primer, is a complete, structured guide to the ins and outs of LightWave. Whether you are just getting started with LightWave, or are an intermediate user needing to hone your skills, this “course in a book” provides all the instruction you need to become proficient. You can work at your own pace through a variety of lessons, tasks, and self-tests that will improve your skills and help you master this powerful program.Used Book in Good Condition

Ignite your site with Church Management Software Professional System; Church Facilities, Office, Bookkeeping and Finances Administration Software; Windows Only CD-ROM; Multiuser License (100,000 Members) – 5 User Licenses

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Church Manage Professional is the powerful church administration software which allows you to handle details of over 100,000 members, church finances, church events calenders, easy member search and grouping, Mange member contributions, manage/write/print letters, includes general ledger, import and export member data from multiple file formats, backup your database to cd or flashdrive. Includes free fast email technical support Not online based, no need for online access No monthly fees like similar software, one payment for lifetime access Manage, Track and print member details including Personal information, member status, age group, address/email phone number, photo, member personal notes, data/notes on member gifts, Manage, Track and print members contribution details Manage, Track and print member attendance Manage, Track and print various Custom letters for members Manage, Track and print calender with events and which members are attending Manage, Track and print multiple Church Bank Accounts and transactions Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/9/10 Not Compatible with MAC Includes 1 CDROM with Artwork. Hardcopy manual and word file manual. Includes 5 user licenses. Includes 24 hour email support. 80% of purchase price donated.Church management software
Church administration software
Handle details of over 100,000 members, church finances, church events calenders
includes general ledger

Ignite your site with Build APIs You Won’t Hate: Everyone and their dog wants an API, so you should probably learn how to build them

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API development is becoming increasingly common for server-side developers thanks to the rise of front-end JavaScript frameworks, iPhone applications, and API-centric architectures. It might seem like grabbing stuff from a data source and shoving it out as JSON would be easy, but surviving changes in business logic, database schema updates, new features, or deprecated endpoints can be a nightmare. After finding many of the existing resources for API development to be lacking, Phil learned a lot of things the hard way through years of trial and error. This book aims to condense that experience, taking examples and explanations further than the trivial apples and pears nonsense tutorials often provide. By passing on some best practices and general good advice you can hit the ground running with API development, combined with some horror stories and how they were overcome/avoided/averted. This book will discuss the theory of designing and building APIs in any language or framework, with this theory applied in PHP-based examples.

Ignite your site with D-Line Cable Management Box | Hide and conceal messy power strips and electrical cords behind TVs, desks, computers, and gaming consoles | Large, Black | US/CTULGEB/SW

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The D-Line Cable Management Box provides a neat, stylish cord organization solution to hide power strips and cord clutter. Helps deter pets and children away from dangerous electrical cords and surge protectors. Once all wires & cords are hidden in the cable management box, you can enjoy less clutter and space that is easier to clean. D-Line Cable Tidy Units are popular for managing cables, cords & wires in offices or around electronic equipment in the home. Please note, there are two different sizes and colors to choose from, when ordering, to best suit your needs.3 cord exits / entry slots in the rear mean a neat appearance is always maintained
Smart solution helps keep children and pets safe from electrical cords and surge protectors
Ideal for hiding cords & powerblocks around TVs, gaming equipment, and computer desks
Units have been tested and certified to exacting safety standards
Curved ends and a polished lid enables D-Line Cable Units to fit naturally in modern homes