Ignite your site with Luggage Tags Business Card Holder TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag in Many Color Options (4 Tags, Gunmetal 4Pk)

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ProudGuy new TUFFTAAG metal best selling luggage tags speed up airport travel with an easy to identify design guaranteed to stand out on the conveyor belt!

Impress your fellow travelers and co-workers with these modern ID tags.

Use our custom template for your information, or give it your own personal touch with your business card, perfect for unexpected networking opportunities! These versatile, customizable tags are also perfect for carry on luggage, golf bags, flight cases, music cases, executive briefcases, ski equipment, baby car seats and strollers, ski gear, bikes, photographic film equipment, sports bags, medical equipment and any other items that require a secure label.

Made from reinforced aluminum or stainless steel with a sturdy steel cable screw attachment, these distinctive tags are a proven leader over leather or plastic types that can become unreadable from moisture damage and easily detach during airport handling.

Approximately 26 million pieces of checked luggage went astray on international flights in 2011, so ensure you label your travel baggage professionally so your journeys remain stress free by insisting on ProudGuy’s TUFFTAAG!

This item is manufactured and sold exclusively by ProudGuy and only authorized dealers.

All listing text and photos: Copyright © ProudGuy 2015.

HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM LUGGAGE TAGS; ProudGuy TUFFTAAG Luggage Tags Business Card Holders are made of special grade reinforced aluminum to withstand the harsh conditions of extensive travel. Size: 2.36″ x 4.13″ x 0.15″. You’ll enjoy years of effortless use while looking stylish and professional wherever you land.
STURDY STEEL CABLE SUITCASE TAGS; each tag comes with a thick cable that’s made of sturdy steel to ensure that they stay properly secured to your luggage while you are traveling.
GOOD FOR ANY LUGGAGE; from spinners to suitcases, gym bags, briefcases, golf bags, baby strollers, tool boxes or musical instrument covers. These travel tags can be conveniently fastened through the handle of any type of luggage.
PERSONALIZED ID BAGGAGE LABEL TAGS that will fit a standard sized business card. A printable PDF with name cards, initials, numbers and “not your bag” slogans is emailed with each purchase to customize and personalize your identity. Be aware that if your business card has text printed on the edge, it may be covered by the casing frame. If you wish to hide your identity simply flip your name card over.
PERFECT GIFT IDEA; these stylish suitcase tags are perfect presents for Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day. Especially nice Xmas gift for that traveler in your life, or look stylish this season on your own holiday travels! Backed by a Year Guarantee. Click the Orange button to Order Yours Now!

Ignite your site with Capital Technology

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Main Work of Capital Technology:
Mobile Application Development Company
Static Web Design & Development
Dynamic Web Design & Development
Responsive Web Design & Development
e-Commerce Web Design & Development
CMS Management Web Design & Development
WordPress Web Design & Development

Ignite your site with 25 Rustic Essential Oils Business Cards, Doterra, Young Living YL Marketing Supplies, Tools, Brochures, Accessories, Planner, Book Mark with Oil Reference Instructions, Party Thank You Gift Bag Favors

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Why should you order your own essential oil business cards?

· Durable – Printed on Premium Cardstock

· Easy to write on

· One of a kind design

· Generous 3.5×2 size allows plenty of room to fill out the details and provide instructions

· Designed and Made in the USA

· Impress your friends and family with meaningful business cards

· 100% Money Back Guarantee

BONUS – If you are a distributor for doterra, young living, yl, then these cards are essential to your business success. These cards will help customers know how to apply their new essential oils and will provide the necessary tools and ideas to get everything out of their new product. When you throw an essential oils party for your friends make sure you hand out these cards as a gift bag or thank you to encourage people to “join my team”, If you are a planner and need materials stuff and mailers directions then don’t pass these up. A perfect way to advertise that you are selling.

Why choose Hadley Design’s Cards?

· Hadley Design’s are a customer favorite!

· They are unique and different from the mass produced & boring distributor accessories and bundles.

· It’s the personal touch that make Hadley Designs seller starter kit set.

· Each card is handcrafted on heavy-weight extra smooth cardstock.

· You will receive an exceptional product with meticulous attention paid to every last detail

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase or have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we are here to help. If you aren’t happy with your purchase we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so your purchase is TOTALLY RISK FREE!


IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS – By providing friends, family and customers with extra information and sharing the references for essential oil uses you will always be remembered and appreciated.
BEAT THE COMPETITION – You will have a huge upper hand compared to your competitors as you provide your customers with more information than other distributors.
GET MORE REFERRALS – By going the extra mile and including these business cards with your customer’s orders, It reminds them of you and your business and opens the door for them to pass your business card to friends or family.
SAVE MONEY – Only $.59 per card! Compare it to other sets that cost $.95 per card!!!

Ignite your site with Husky GP-44316AN13 14″ 600-Denier Red Water-Resistant Contractor’s Rolling Tool Tote Bag with Telescoping Handle 

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The Husky 14 in. Rolling tool tote features a heavy-duty telescoping handle and two wheels for easy mobility. A large main compartment provides easy access to tools and accessories, while 13 storage pockets make it easy to keep your items organized. This rugged design holds up to 80 lbs. And is durably is crafted with water-resistant material, making it a perfect choice for rough job site conditions.WORK AT HOME OR ABROAD with this bag containing a heavy duty telescoping handle perfectly balanced over two rear wheels
CAPACITY: carry up to 80 pounds
BONUS VALUE includes thick handles with cross x stitching, 2 exterior tape measure loops, dual zipper system, business card holder, and innovative skid plates that protect the handle!
DIMENSIONS: 14″ Length x 9″ Width x 13″ Height
ORGANIZATION: 6 internal pockets and 7 external pockets optimize the tool tote’s storage space.

Ignite your site with Business Card Holder for Women Men Stainless Steel Silver Metal. Stylish Unique Pocket Sized Personal Name Case or Wallet. Protect Your Credit Cards. Product quality assured. The Essential Business Tool for the Modern Entrepreneur.

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No matter what people say about the necessity for business cards in this techincal age, Business Cards are still extremely important to have!

Thousands of Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs USE these within meetings, to seal that all important business deal, showcase your talents and or to make that all important business contact.

Just imagine, you strike up a conversation with someone about what it is you do, what your business is about and how it serve’s other people. Then that very person you are talking with about your business, get’s incredibly interested and enthusiastic in what your saying. They’re thinking “hey I could actually use this!”.

The beaming smile across their face as they become deeply engaged with you, they then say, “I want to carry this conversation on further” “Do you have a business card?”

In this instance you do, with all the relevant info and some funky design on your card. But you pull it out of a deep pants pocket and it has this morning’s cookie crumbs stuck to your cards!! Disaster as you scrape the crumbs off your business cards to hand to your potential new customer! Not a good impression right?

You can change that scenario, and be prepared. Instead pull out the sleek, slim, solid polished business card holder from your pocket or purse. Then you elegantly or ever so cool like slide your business card out of your card holder to give them your details. Completely different impression! That’s a Successful Impression!

Get Your Business Card Holder Today! 100% Money Back GuranteeSOLID STAINLESS STEEL BUSINESS CARD HOLDER* For that absolute professional business look and feel. Impress your clients and associates or other Entreprenuers.
DURABLE SILVER CARD HOLDER* This card holder is for Women or Men, completely Unisex Product
PROTECT YOUR CREDIT CARDS* Some people don’t like bulky wallets but instead prefer a SLIM WALLET the same size as a credit card. Super easy and convinient.
PERFECT FOR THAT PROFESSIONAL LOOK* Show up at your buiness meetings prepared! Seal the deal with complete confidence.
SLIDE THIS BUSINESS TOOL EASILY IN YOUR POCKETS* Easy to carry around when you’re a mobile business person. Keep it easily in your pocket or purse for those all important business making contacts.

Ignite your site with The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to 100 Tools for Improving Quality and Speed

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The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook blends Lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts, providing expert advice on how to determine which tool within a “family” is best for different purposes. Packed with detailed examples and step-bystep instructions, it’s the ideal handy reference guide to help Green and Black Belts make the transition from the classroom to the field.

  • Features brief summaries and examples of the 70 most important tools in Lean Six Sigma, such as “Pull,” “Heijunka,” and “Control Charts”
  • Groups tools by purpose and usage
  • Offers a quick, easy reference on using the DMAIC improvement cycle
  • Provides comprehensive coverage in a compact, portable format

282 pages
2008 copyright

Ignite your site with Elm for Web Development: Create scalable web applications by learning the Elm programming language

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Explore benefits of Elm for front end development by developing complete apps and websites with Elm

Key Features

  • Develop your own complex and modular web applications with Elm to make web development less messy compared to your JavaScript apps.
  • Create personal portfolio website, a weather application, a unit conversion website and build a chat app with user authentication in Elm
  • Boost the performance of your application with no runtime exceptions and JavaScript interoperability

Book Description

Web development with JavaScript usually involves dealing with performance and maintenance issues. JavaScript fatigue makes it difficult for many developers to keep up with the increasing complexity posed by the multitude of JavaScript frameworks with changing versions, the need to use different tools such as task runners, module bundlers, compilers, testing suites, linting and debuggers. Elm is an easy to learn, functional programming language that simplifies web development by eliminating complexity associated with using JavaScript for web development. Elm is a statically typed language and thus makes a front end web developer’s life easier by preventing any run-time errors.

You will begin by seeing the bigger picture of where Elm fits in web development world and learning the basics of Elm programming. Firstly, you will get a taste of web development with Elm by developing a simple fizz-buzz app. Next you will get hands-on with advanced Elm concepts as you develop your own personal blogging website, a unit conversion app and a weather app with Elm. Finally, you will also learn how to implement user authentication by developing a chat application. By the end of the book you will learn Elm programming, its applications and appreciate how Elm simplifies web development for you.

What you will learn

  • Programming with the Elm language, syntax and core concepts
  • Using Elm for front end web development projects
  • Developing complete websites with Elm
  • Using web sockets with Elm
  • Integrate Elm with the standard front end web development technologies
  • Implementing user authentication with Elm
  • How to Integrate Elm with back-end frameworks
  • Testing your applications in Elm

Who This Book Is For

Front end web developers who want to learn a simpler way of developing their applications.

About the Author

Ajdin Imsirovic is the author of several video courses focusing on front-end web development. He is also the author of Bootstrap 4 Cookbook, published by Packt Publishing. In Elm for Web Development, he puts together his vast experience as a front-end developer and online instructor to bring you a must-read introduction to the paradigm-shifting Elm language.

Ignite your site with Google AIY Vision Kit

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In your kit: 1) VisionBonnet Accessory Board 2) 11mm plastic standoffs 3) 24mm RGB arcade button and nut 4) Privacy LED 5) LED bezel 6) 1/4/20 flanged nut 7) Lens, lens washer, and lens magnet 8) 50 mil ribbon cable 9) Pi0 camera flat flex cable 10) MIPI flat flex cable 11) Piezo buzzer 12) External cardboard box 13) Internal cardboard frame Not Included: Raspberry Pi Zero W (with headers) Raspberry Pi camera 2 Blank SD card (at least 4 GB) Micro-USB power supply Optional: Micro-USB to USB cable (or whatever connects to your computer) The Raspberry Pi Zero W does not typically ship with headers installed. You will need to supply and solder your own 2×20 pin header or purchase a unit with them pre-soldered.This project lets you build an image recognition device that can see and identify objects, powered by TensorFlow’s machine learning models.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi Camera 2, and a blank SD card.
A free Android app is coming soon to help you easily control your device.