Ignite your site with Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018 with Industry Editions Small Business Accounting Software [PC Disc]

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QuickBooks desktop Premier helps you organize your business finances all in one place so you can be more productive. Stay on Top of invoices, manage expenses and get reliable reports for tax time. QuickBooks desktop Premier includes all QuickBooks Pro features and provides tools tailored to your industry (contractors, nonprofits, professional services, manufacturing & wholesale, and retailers). have questions? step-by-step tutorials show you how to create invoices, record expenses and more. Includes a 60 day money-back guarantee.Get all QuickBooks Pro desktop features, Plus industry-specific tools and reports
Import your data from a spreadsheet
Create professional estimates and invoices
Download your bank transactions
Significantly boost your productivity with multi-monitor support

Ignite your site with Quicken Home & Business 2018 – 14-Month Personal Finance & Budgeting Software [PC Download] – Amazon Exclusive

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Manage your personal, small business, or rental property in one place

  • Import all your checking and credit card bank transactions safely and automatically*
  • See where your money is going – your transactions are automatically categorized
  • Stay on top of your spending. Create a budget and manage your bills
  • Import your loan, investment and retirement account transactions*
  • Plan for the future you have in mind
  • Create a plan to pay off debt or save for the future
  • See how your investments are performing with informed buy/sell decisions
  • See realized and unrealized gains and continuously updated quotes
  • Helps minimize taxes on investments
  • Categorizes all your personal, business or rental property transactions all in one place
  • See how your business is doing any time with profit/loss projections and cash flow reports
  • Helps maximize business deductions while simplifying your taxes

NEW in 2018!

  • NEW Access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF downloads
  • NEW Expanded custom report layout options and direct Excel export
  • NEW Get the latest features without having to upgrade*
  • NEW 5GB of secure online backup for your Quicken files with Dropbox
  • NEW Move and archive investments transaction feature
  • NEW Richer performance analysis with buy and hold comparison
  • NEW Free Quicken Bill Pay and priority access to Quicken phone support*
  • NEW Custom invoices with your logo, color, and payment links
  • NEW E-mail rent reminders and receipts*


System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10   Windows 8.1   Windows 8   Windows 7   
  • Processor Format: 32 bit
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 450 MB

See everything in one place. Connect to over 14,000 financial institutions and download all your business and personal banking and credit card transactions and balances.
See where your money is going. It’s not just balances-your transactions are automatically categorized. Instantly break out business vs. personal expenses-no manual entry required.
Tools for your business. Track expenses and income, create email invoices. Instantly generate PnL, cash flow, and tax reports. Rental property owners track rents, property values, and rental expenses.
Manage your investments. Connect all your brokerages for a complete view of your portfolio, allocation and performance. Better understand your mutual fund holdings with Morningstar’s Portfolio X-ray.
Amazon Exclusive: An additional 2 months of Quicken (total of 14 months), backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Let Quicken help you take complete control of your finances today.

Ignite your site with Unisex Software Development Life Cycle Sweatshirt for Programmers XL: Navy

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8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

Ignite your site with Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus

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Introduce the knowledge and tools that today’s most successful firms use to build business and consistently outperform the competition with the latest edition of Ireland, Hoskisson, and Hitt’s Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus (Third Edition). This book clearly demonstrates what today’s most successful firms already know–how solid management strategy equals the decisive actions necessary to create sustainable competitive advantage. Written by strategy leaders recognized for their reliability and currency, this concise text’s strong conceptual foundation highlights the latest strategic management research and cutting-edge practices. Users learn from both successes and failures in this action-oriented book as they examine the impact of business strategy in familiar firms and learn from the mistakes of those who failed to apply the strategic process. This edition’s unique applied learning approach guides users, step by step, through creating strong strategy, planning for success, implementing responsive action, competing effectively with strategy, analyzing the environment and firm, and improving upon results. Users develop practical workplace skills as Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus (Third Edition)’s powerful cases, experiential exercises, and videos from world business leaders reinforce how solid strategy leads to responsive actions that separate successful firms from those that fail.


  • Provides in-depth, brief, and customized analysis with a variety of cases.
    Helps users practice strategic management and critical-thinking skills with a wide selection of Full Teaching Cases that reflect today’s latest developments, and fresh Mini-Cases drawn from familiar industries. Cases allow users to plan, execute, and evaluate strategies in action and within context.
  • Builds users’ skills with the Strategy Toolbox.
    Users can closely analyze and evaluate how real firms use specific management tools or techniques within the strategic management process. This practical approach to business problems encourages users to think strategically. The outlined steps or approaches provide skills that users can implement in the workplace for their personal success.
  • Presents unique perspectives within understanding strategy.
    Learning from success and learning from failure: At the heart of this book’s action-oriented approach, users learn to apply the strategic management process for short- and long-term success as they see the impact of business strategy at work in examples of familiar companies, drawn from recent business news. Users even learn from mistakes of others as they examine strategies that did not work and see, firsthand, the results in firms that failed to apply the strategic process.
  • Presents today’s most current business strategy on every page.
    This edition’s distinguished business authors have reviewed and updated each chapter with the latest business research to help guide users through the creation, implementation, and evaluation of the strategic process using the most accurate and up-to-date business strategy information available today.
  • Updated, powerful Mini-Cases strengthen student skills.
    This edition’s numerous new and updated end-of-chapter Mini-Cases allow users to hone personal strategic management skills as they conduct a brief analysis, practice critical thinking, and implement actual strategy within each succinct case.
  • Experiential Exercises ensure thorough understanding.
    Two Experiential Exercises at the end of each chapter give users the opportunity to participate in the actual strategic management process–from the formulation of strategy and implementation of action through the final analysis–for a more thorough understanding of the chapter’s topics.
  • Global business leaders and challenges are highlighted with new 50 Lessons videos.
    The latest business challenges are introduced with this powerful selection of 10 brief videos by 50 Lessons.
  • Ensures understanding with student-focused, step-by-step presentation.
    This book’s unique applied approach presents concepts in easily digestible chunks using inviting, colorful graphics and informative figures to help users retain information as they walk through the creation, planning, execution, and evaluation of the strategic management process.
  • Accurate, reliable presentation.
    In this new edition, the text’s distinguished authors continue to provide the most accurate, reliable presentation available. With Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus (Third Edition), users are learning from the most accurate, up-to-date business strategy text on the market.

Used Book in Good Condition

Ignite your site with International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace

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Market-defining since it was introduced, International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace by Charles W. L. Hill, sets the standard, and is the proven choice for International Business. Hill draws upon his experience to deliver a complete solution, and has partnered with G. Tomas M. Hult from Michigan State University to continue to deliver a program that is:

Integrated―Integrated Progression of Topics with Results-Driven Technology
Practical―Focused on Practical Applications of Concepts
Relevant―Timely, Comprehensive Coverage of Theory

International Business