Ignite your site with JavaScript: Just the Basics – A Primer for the Complete Beginner

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JavaScript has become one of the most widespread and versatile computer languages. It’s now used not only for adding active behavior to web pages, but also for developing applications for web servers, mobile devices, and even the computer desktop. Despite its popularity, however, JavaScript isn’t so easy to learn or to understand. JavaScript has evolved into a large, complex, unique, and somewhat confusing computer language.

This book makes your JavaScript learning task much easier and gets you started quickly by selecting just the MOST ESSENTIAL JavaScript features. It then thoroughly explains and simplifies these features, using many easy-to-follow code examples. To offer a vision of the possibilities, the book also briefly introduces several more advanced JavaScript technologies, such as multi-window web applications, animations, cookies, and Ajax. The book doesn’t duplicate the free online JavaScript documentation, but rather is meant to be used in conjunction with it, and it includes many documentation links to help you quickly find additional information.

This guide to beginning web development provides your FIRST JavaScript step. Using it to learn the fundamentals will prepare you for your JavaScript journey no matter what direction it takes. For example, the book provides the ideal background for going on to learn jQuery. It serves as the “prequel” to “jQuery: Just the Basics,” available as a Kindle book by the same author (bit.ly/JQBasics).

This book is written for the JavaScript beginner — no prior JavaScript experience required! It would be helpful, although not essential, to know something about HTML and CSS, and to have worked with another programming language.

The book is approximately 290 pages long. It was designed, written, and formatted specifically for the Kindle, and you can read it on any Kindle device or free reading app. (Reading the book in Kindle Cloud Reader isn’t recommended because of the reader’s non-standard formatting.) The manuscript was prepared so that the source code listings are easy to view and the book is simple to navigate. Because using an index in an ebook is slow and awkward, the book doesn’t include a traditional index. You can easily find topics with your Kindle’s powerful Search feature, as well as the book’s detailed Table of Contents.

You’ll find a companion website for the book at DigitalArtisanPress.com, where you can contact the author.

Part I. The Core JavaScript Language
Chapter 1. Variables and Values
Chapter 2. Expressions and Operators
Chapter 3. Flow Control
Chapter 4. Objects and Arrays
Chapter 5. Defining Functions and Methods
Chapter 6. Constructors and Inheritance
Chapter 7. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Part II. Client-Side JavaScript: Adding Dynamic Behavior to Web Pages
Chapter 8. Running JavaScript in the Browser
Chapter 9. Scripting Browser Windows
Chapter 10. Scripting Web-Page Content
Chapter 11. Scripting Web-Page Styles
Chapter 12. Handling Web-Page Events

Michael J Young has a master’s degree in computer science and is the author of 30 books on computing. His book “XML Step by Step” won the top award, “Distinguished Technical Communication,” in the 2000-2001 International Technical Publications Competition of the Society for Technical Communication.

“jQuery: Just the Basics – A Primer for the JavaScript Programmer,” available as a Kindle book (bit.ly/JQBasics).

Ignite your site with Business Driven Information Systems

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Business Driven Initiatives first; Technology second Business Driven Information Systems discusses various business initiatives first and howtechnology supports those initiatives second. The premise for this unique approach is thatbusiness initiatives should drive technology choices. Every discussion first addresses thebusiness needs and then addresses the technology that supports those needs. This text providesthe foundation that will enable students to achieve excellence in business, whether theymajor in operations management, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources,accounting, or virtually any other business discipline. Business Driven Information Systems isdesigned to give students the ability to understand how information technology can be a pointof strength for an organization.Business Driven Information Systems

Ignite your site with Aluminum Slim Armour Wallet (Carbon Fiber) – RFID Blocking Front Pocket Thin Minimalist Metal Credit Card Holder – Includes Wallet, Money Clip, Multitool & Key Organizer

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Armour Supply Co was founded in early 2017, with the aim to create beautiful, industrial quality, functional products. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to industrial design, with a focus on three main areas: product development, innovation and aesthetics.


Armour prides itself on its elegant products that combine top-quality materials, with intelligent functionality. The Armour Wallet is designed to look good and protect you from cyber thieves, while also keeping your necessities close at hand. To customize your wallet use the mini screwdriver included to remove the money clip or replace the elastic track.


It might only be the size of a credit card, but the Armour Wallet was designed to meet all your minimalist needs. Comfortably insert up to 12 cards (works best with 5-8 cards) or use the extra space to store keys and coins. Still using cash? No worries! Place up to 5 folded bills or business cards in the attached money clip.


Weighing at only 2oz the Armour Wallet is lightweight, but built to last. Made from a combination of RFID blocking premium-grade Aviation Aluminum plates, and 3K carbon fiber weave.


The Armour Wallet comes with a free lifetime warranty against breakage or manufacturer defects including rust or corrosion. Limit 2 replacements. This warranty does not cover surface scratches or normal wear and tear. Please email support@ArmourSupplyCo.com and include a picture of the damaged product so that we may process your replacement.✔ PREMIUM SLIM ARMOUR WALLET COMPLETE SET – The elegant, ultra light, compact design allows you to easily fit up to 12 cards and 5 folded bills in the front or back pocket of your jeans or suit. Ideal for carrying business cards, credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license and cash. Package Includes: Armour Wallet, money clip, multitool, key organizer, replacement elastic track, and mini screwdriver. Wallet Size: 3.35″ in. x 2.13″ in. x 0.24″ in.
✔ RFID BLOCKING WIRELESS THEFT PROTECTION – Comes equipped with advanced RFID Secure Technology, a unique metal composite, engineered specifically to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals and protect the valuable information stored on your chip enabled RFID credit cards, debit cards, and driver’s license from unauthorized scans.
✔ MADE FROM THE STRONGEST MATERIALS – The inner body is constructed of two pieces of RFID blocking premium-grade Aviation Aluminum plates. The outer shell is constructed of two pieces of high quality 3K Carbon Fiber weave (if you select the carbon fiber version). Attached to the body is a spring loaded 304 Stainless Steel money clip. A mini screwdriver is included to easily remove the money clip or replace the elastic track inside.
✔ BONUS KEY ORGANIZER & MULTITOOL INCLUDED – With every Armour Wallet purchase you’ll receive a free premium Key Organizer and 18 in 1 Multitool. The Key Organizer is made of 3K carbon fiber weave rust free stainless steel hardware and can fit up to 14 standard-sized house keys. The Multitool is made of treated stainless steel and consists of a bottle opener, ruler, can opener, cell phone stand, screwdrivers and more.
✔ FREE GIFT BOX PACKAGING & LIFETIME WARRANTY – Each Armour Wallet comes in our premium gift box. It makes the perfect gift for any man, dad, groomsmen, teen or boy. Ideal to give on birthdays, Christmas, father’s day, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, golf tournaments, corporate events or any other occasion. If for any reason you’re not 100% SATISFIED, let us know and our customer service team will provide you with a full refund or a free replacement, whichever you prefer.

Ignite your site with LED Super Store Signs 19″ x 69″- 3 Color (Red/Green/Yellow) Programmable Scrolling Display, Storefront Message Board – Industrial Grade Business Tools, EMC/IR

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A Great Investment For Your Business!
This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Pre-Loaded icons, Images, Time, Date And Your Own Messages,
Even During The Day When The Sign Is Exposed To Strong Sunlight.
Finally Catches the Customers’ Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others!
Imagine Your Business Ad Messages on this LED Sign, On For 24/7, Working Hard For You!

Frame Size(h x w) : 19.25″ x 69″
Module size (mm) : 420
Pixel pitch (mm) : 26
Module Matrix :1 x 4 = 4
Resolution (pixel) :16 x 64
Total LED Bulbs : 2,048
Color : 2 lamp 3 color (Red/Green/Yellow)
Bright.: 2500 – 8000 nits
View. Distance: 5ft ~ 300ft
Lifespan : 100,000 hours(~10yrs)
Humidity : 0-95%
Operating Temp.: -13F ~ 113F
Input power : AC 110V
Energy consumption : 30w~120w

[PRODUCT DESC. – I.R version]
-Real Time Clock & Date
-Stopwatch / Timer/ Date
-International Multi Language
-Animating Icons / Images / Symbols / Neon Effect
-8 Fonts / Special Characters / 1 or 2 Line Text
-Adjustable Brightness / Message Display Speed / Letter width
-Create Your Messages upto 100 = 51,200 Letters
-Save Messages, Display Selectively
-Many Special Effects
-Low Energy consumption / Lifespan 10 years
Operation: Infra-red remote controller(100′ working range)

*5 Min. Easy Instal. Kit Included.
*UPS, Worry free Shipping Insurance
*Dow Corning Waterproofing
*1 Year Full warranty + 2 Year limited (Factory labor only) warranty
* Made in USA
Water proof treatment with Dow Corning. Bright LEDs for Day and Night time use, great visibility even in direct Sun light.
Up to 99 messages and 500 characters per message / over 300 Icons and Symbols / Time and Date display with auto Timer.
3 year warranty (see below for details), 1 on 1 live customer service.
Made in USA. We only use UL listed Power supply. UL listed signs are available at your request.

Ignite your site with UnaMela 80 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 56 Magnetic Driver Kits,Professional Repair Tool Kits with Portable Bag for iPhone7/ Phone/ Laptops/Xbox/PS4/Tablets/Computer/Camera/watch

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If you’re looking for a small toolkit and you plan on doing a lot of electronics maintenance, UnaMela screwdriver set is a seriously consider. Driver kit include all current common and specialty bits, More accessories,egs for Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool , anti-slip antistatic tools, makes repairing work more easily and safer.

Compatibility for popular electronics repairing
Game console;
Small household appliances;
Electronics: Computer, Macbook ,phones, PS4/Xbox ,iPad ,iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, Watches, Glasses, Camera , Electronic Cigarette ,Toys.

Package Detail:
1* Plastic Opening Tools
3* ESD Tweezers
1* Utility Knife
1* Anti-Static Wrist Strap
1*SIM Card Ejector Pin
1* LCD Suction Cup
2* Triangle Plectrums(Triangle Opening Pry Tool)
3* Plastic Spudgers
3* Metal Spudgers
1* Tin Scraper
1*Large Plastic Double Headed Opening Tool
1* Cleaning Brush
1* Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Tool
1* 60 in 1 Screwdriver Kit Set

60 in 1 Screwdriver Kit Set Details:
56 bits driver
Non-slip rubber handle screwdriver
5.9 inches Spring Flexible Shaft
H4 transfer to 1/4 extension bar – H4*4.7 inches
connector – H6*1.1 inches
56 bits in the following sizes:
Nut Driver:2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5mm
Pentalobe (star):0.8,1.2mm
Torx Security:T8,T9,T10,T15,T20
Tri-wing : Y0.6, Y2.0, Y3.0mm
Triangle: 2,2.3mm
SIM Eject Bit:1mm
GCID: UnaMela
80 in 1 FULL SET – Package included 60 in 1 magnetic screwdriver set, Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, utility knife, Anti-Static tweezers, SIM card ejector pin and Suction Cup, Triangle plectrum, plastic spudgers, metal spudger, clean brush etc.
Professional tools 56 bit driver kit satisfy various purpose and application when repairing, update 2bits(Y0.6 and Mainboard size 1.5) for iPhone7/ iPhone 7 Plus .all bits are made of supreme chrome-vanadium steel, and specifically heat-treated .
Widely Applications: a perfect screw driver set for computer, Macbook ,phones, PS4/Xbox ,iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, Watches, Glasses, Camera , Electronic Cigarette,and Other Electronic Devices.also suitable for the child is very handy and loves to fix things. This is conducive to cultivating children’s thinking ability and practical ability.
Well-Selected:The flexible shaft , Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool , anti-slip antistatic tools, makes repairing work more easily and safer.
Portable hardware tools :perfect weight and compact Nylon Backpack design for convenient carry. And keep all accessories clean and tidy.

Ignite your site with Entrepreneurial Small Business

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Entrepreneurial Small Business (ESB) provides students with a clear vision of small business as it really is today: Katz focuses on the distinctive nature of small businesses that students might actually start versus high growth firms. The goal of the companies described in this textbook is personal independence with financial security; not market dominance with extreme wealth. Traditional beliefs and models in small business are discussed, as well as the latest findings and best practices from academic and consulting arenas. Katz and Green recognize the distinction between entrepreneurs who aim to start the successor to Amazon.com or the pizza place around the corner. They discuss the challenges facing entrepreneurs, while keeping focused on the small businesses students plan to start.

Ignite your site with Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists (MIT Press)

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The new edition of an introduction to computer programming within the context of the visual arts, using the open-source programming language Processing; thoroughly updated throughout.

The visual arts are rapidly changing as media moves into the web, mobile devices, and architecture. When designers and artists learn the basics of writing software, they develop a new form of literacy that enables them to create new media for the present, and to imagine future media that are beyond the capacities of current software tools. This book introduces this new literacy by teaching computer programming within the context of the visual arts. It offers a comprehensive reference and text for Processing (www.processing.org), an open-source programming language that can be used by students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and anyone who wants to program images, animation, and interactivity. Written by Processing’s cofounders, the book offers a definitive reference for students and professionals. Tutorial chapters make up the bulk of the book; advanced professional projects from such domains as animation, performance, and installation are discussed in interviews with their creators.

This second edition has been thoroughly updated. It is the first book to offer in-depth coverage of Processing 2.0 and 3.0, and all examples have been updated for the new syntax. Every chapter has been revised, and new chapters introduce new ways to work with data and geometry. New “synthesis” chapters offer discussion and worked examples of such topics as sketching with code, modularity, and algorithms. New interviews have been added that cover a wider range of projects. “Extension” chapters are now offered online so they can be updated to keep pace with technological developments in such fields as computer vision and electronics.

SUE.C, Larry Cuba, Mark Hansen, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jürg Lehni, LettError, Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, Benjamin Maus, Manfred Mohr, Ash Nehru, Josh On, Bob Sabiston, Jennifer Steinkamp, Jared Tarbell, Steph Thirion, Robert Winter

Processing A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists