Ignite your site with Mass Effect: Andromeda: Prima Official Guide

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Lead our fight for a new home with the official Mass Effect™: Andromeda Standard Edition Guide from Prima Games.

Priority Ops and Exploration: Our step-by-step walkthrough takes you through all the choices, combat, and challenges you face during your mission and beyond.

Illustrated Area Maps: Detailed maps and images call out important structures, mission routes, and resources, so you can explore every location completely.

Squad Profiles and Combat Tactics: In-depth intel about your squad, their best skills and capabilities, and their relationship with you. Discover the best party formula for your playstyle.

Multiplayer Coverage: Meticulous area maps and tactics for surviving waves of enemy forces. Study the strategic points of each location, equip the proper gear for your playstyle, and lay waste to your foes in every hostile environment.

Exhaustive Inventory Data: Weapons, biotics, skills, mods, items, and more. All of the info to help you get the most out of your experience.

Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide: Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience. Plus access to interactive maps.PRIMA

Ignite your site with Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (6th Edition)

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This text provides the knowledge and tools readers need to launch a business so that it has the greatest chance for success.

The Foundations of Entrepreneurship; Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind: From Ideas to Reality; Designing a Competitive Business Model and Building a Solid Strategic Plan; Conducting a Feasibility Analysis and Crafting a Winning Business Plan; Forms of Business Ownership; Franchising and the Entrepreneur; Buying an Existing Business; Building a Powerful Marketing Plan; E-Commerce and the Entrepreneur; Pricing Strategies; Creating a Successful Financial Plan; Managing Cash Flow; Sources of Financing: Debt and Equity; Choosing the Right Location and Layout; Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship; Building a New Venture Team and Planning for the Next

For any person interested in owning, operating, and managing a small business. This text is also a useful reference for entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses.

Ignite your site with Basics of Complete HTML and CSS for Beginners: Step By Step Instructions with Syntax and Example

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This book is to learn the complete basics of HTML and CSS which is mainly focused on beginners. The Step by Step instructions are provided with Syntax and Example Programs.The instructions are given in easily understandable format .The Syntax and Example Programs written in this book are Output Verified. So that you can easily develop your simplest and decorative webpages/websites with the syntax and example programs given in this Books. Many Beginners have begin to develop their own simple websites with the help this Book. Along with HTML and CSS, the details and instructions about FORMS are also included in this Book which is an added advantage for the Buyers. Even if you are non-coder, this book will train you to code and develop your own simple Websites or Webpages. Follow the instruction and learn the Syntax in this book to become a professional Web Developer or Web Designer.

Ignite your site with SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)

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“SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)” Was Faster Download and Upload Videos,Audios,Files and Documents.
“SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)” Was most full for Students , Job Seekers , Business Person and All age people.
“SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)” Was safeguard virus don’t affect your smart phones.
“SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)” Was preserved for your Social Media Accounts.
“SpeedUp Browser (Faster Download Version)” Was easy access for This application Tools and Settings.

Ignite your site with Photo 1: An Introduction to the Art of Photography

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PHOTO 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY is the must have book for photographers looking to bridge the gap between traditional and digital photography. This comprehensive introductory text eases the transition from one system to the other while developing the reader’s understanding of the scope and importance of this evolution. Not only will readers learn how and why to create photographs, but also how to evaluate them from both a technical and aesthetic viewpoint. Through strong visual examples and artist statements from photographers around the world, PHOTO 1 investigates photography as an artistic and visual communication tool. Unique among other introductory photography books, this text also introduces you to copyright law and best business practices for photographers.Used Book in Good Condition

Ignite your site with SAS Disturbance 175lbs Recurve Crossbow (Red Dot Scope Package)

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This new SAS Disturbance recurve crossbow is a compact, lightweight, & powerful weapon. Disturbance has a 175-pound draw weight that generates an arrow speed of 245 feet per second. It is able to achieve these speeds from a relatively small frame given its 175 pound draw weight. As far as recurves go, it is ultra-compact with an overall length of just 30-1/2”. There are some compounds out there that do not come close to that number! This crossbow comes in all black for those of you that plan on hunting out of a blind. Your prey, will never see you coming.


175-pound draw weight
Arrows travel up to 245 FPS
Power Stroke: 10-1/2″
Total Length: 30-1/2″
Width: 26″
Aluminum Barrel
Solid Fiberglass Limb
Light Composited Stock
Auto safety cocking mechanism design
Weaver Rail


1 x SAS Disturbance Crossbow
2 x 16″ Aluminum Arrows
1 x Crossbow Stringer
1 x Rail Lube

Warranty info: This item is fully covered by Southland Archery Supply three year manufacture warranty. Our warranty covers replacement/repair of defective/damaged products only, as determined by our reseller, SAS techs or RMA reps.Draw Weight: 175 lbs
Speed: 245 FPS
Power Stroke: 10-1/2″
Total Length: 30-1/2″
Free Crossbow Stringer and Rail Lube Included

Ignite your site with Boon Stem Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessory, Blue/Orange

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Wish your Lawn or Grass countertop drying rack had a bit more room? Try a little flower power. Plant Stem in the middle and use it to hold small, just-washed parts while you free space below for drying bigger items. Holds bottle and small sippy cup parts. For use with Grass and Lawn countertop drying racks. Provides more space for drying larger items. BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.Holds bottle and small sippy cup parts
For use with Grass and Lawn countertop drying racks
Provides more space for drying larger items
BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Ignite your site with SAS Primal 35-50 lbs Target Compound Bow 40 1/2 ATA with Red Riser and Carbon Limbs

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This great looking compound bow is a great fit for beginning to intermediate shooters. It has an adjustable draw weight from 35-50 pounds. The draw length is also extremely adjustable from 26-31”. This means that it can fit a wide range of shooters. The high quality quad limbs give the shooter the confidence that they need to hit the bullseye or the vitals. Let your arrows fly with the new for Quad limb compound bow by Southland Archery.


Draw Length: 26-31″
Draw Weight: 35-50 lbs.
Axle to Axle: 40-1/2”
Brace Height: 7-1/4′
Let Off: 65%
Max Speed: 245 FPS
Recommended Arrow: 30″ Carbon Arrows recommended
Net weight: 4 lbs 3 oz


1 x SAS Quad Limb Compound Bow
1 x Accurate Sight
1 x Arrow RestDraw Length: 26-31″
Draw Weight: 35-50 pounds
Speed: 245 FPS
CNC Machined Twin Cams with Red Riser and Quad Carbon Limbs
Right Hand Only