Ignite your site with Best MAGENTO DEVELOPERS Mug – The Best MAGENTO DEVELOPERS are Born in July Birthday Mug Gifts for job office friends colleague family presents for profession Black Funny Coffee Mugs by HOM

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Best MAGENTO DEVELOPERS Mug – The Best MAGENTO DEVELOPERS are Born in July Birthday Mug Gifts Gifts for job office friends colleague family presents for profession professionals Black Funny Coffee Mugs by HOM IS SURE TO MAKE YOUR FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, OFFICE MATES & FAMILY SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR!

The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that’s why this Gift is a fantastic choice.

  • THE COFFEE MUG COMES WITH A 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You never have to worry when you do business with HOME OF MERCH; we stand by our mugs 100%.
  • You can also dress the mug up even more by placing additional gifts inside, such as stickers, magnets, candies and chocolates, or coffee grounds and tea bags.
  • Our mugs come in 11 Oz. size. They’re crafted from the highest grade ceramic, and our designs are printed and sublimated in the United States.

We continually update our inventory with fresh designs and can only keep so many mugs in stock. So don’t wait to order yours.

PERFECT CHRISTMAS HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR MAGENTO DEVELOPERS – Imagine the look on your colleague, friend or family person’s face when he / she opens his / her gift and find his /her new favorite MAGENTO DEVELOPERS Coffee Mug.
THE GIFT IS INEXPENSIVE BUT IMPACTFUL – This is an “under $20” gift that he or she will LOVE, and he’ll or she’ll see this funny Coffee Mug every morning gifted to them
MAGENTO DEVELOPERS COFFEE MUG – This 11 oz ceramic coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Wash and re-wash without worrying about fading! Gift it to your friends or family members on their Birthday, Job day, graduation day, anniversary or just like that.
BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MAGENTO DEVELOPERS MUG – This mug will make a wonderful appreciation gift for anyone on any occasion or maybe just like that
PROUDLY PRINTED & SHIPPED FROM USA – The coffee Mugs are proudly printed and shipped from USA to all its customers. We take pride in 100% Satisfaction. If you do not absolutely love our mug, we will refund your order. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ignite your site with Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design (Robert C. Martin Series)

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Practical Software Architecture Solutions from the Legendary Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”)


By applying universal rules of software architecture, you can dramatically improve developer productivity throughout the life of any software system. Now, building upon the success of his best-selling books Clean Code and The Clean Coder, legendary software craftsman Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”) reveals those rules and helps you apply them.


Martin’s Clean Architecture doesn’t merely present options. Drawing on over a half-century of experience in software environments of every imaginable type, Martin tells you what choices to make and why they are critical to your success. As you’ve come to expect from Uncle Bob, this book is packed with direct, no-nonsense solutions for the real challenges you’ll face—the ones that will make or break your projects.

  • Learn what software architects need to achieve—and core disciplines and practices for achieving it
  • Master essential software design principles for addressing function, component separation, and data management
  • See how programming paradigms impose discipline by restricting what developers can do
  • Understand what’s critically important and what’s merely a “detail”
  • Implement optimal, high-level structures for web, database, thick-client, console, and embedded applications
  • Define appropriate boundaries and layers, and organize components and services
  • See why designs and architectures go wrong, and how to prevent (or fix) these failures

Clean Architecture is essential reading for every current or aspiring software architect, systems analyst, system designer, and software manager—and for every programmer who must execute someone else’s designs.

Register your product at informit.com/register for convenient access to downloads, updates, and/or corrections as they become available.

Ignite your site with Mining New Gold—Managing Your Business Data: Data Management for Business Owners

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1. What is the data?
2. Can data be validated? Is it accurate?
3. How do we store the data?
4. Is there a way to make money on the data?
5. How does changing expectations of data change your company’s future?

In this book, we will be reviewing these issues to help business leaders create a path to protecting, using, and storing data that makes sense and to save money, time, and effort.

Ignite your site with Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems: Foundations, Principles, and Applications (Wiley – IEEE)

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Written by a team of experts at the forefront of the cyber-physical systems (CPS) revolution, this book provides an in-depth look at security and privacy, two of the most critical challenges facing both the CPS research and development community and ICT professionals. It explores, in depth, the key technical, social, and legal issues at stake, and it provides readers with the information they need to advance research and development in this exciting area.  

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are engineered systems that are built from, and depend upon the seamless integration of computational algorithms and physical components. Advances in CPS will enable capability, adaptability, scalability, resiliency, safety, security, and usability far in excess of what today’s simple embedded systems can provide. Just as the Internet revolutionized the way we interact with information, CPS technology has already begun to transform the way people interact with engineered systems. In the years ahead, smart CPS will drive innovation and competition across industry sectors, from agriculture, energy, and transportation, to architecture, healthcare, and manufacturing.  A priceless source of practical information and inspiration, Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems: Foundations, Principles and Applications is certain to have a profound impact on ongoing R&D and education at the confluence of security, privacy, and CPS.