Ignite your site with Online Retail Authority: Start an Online Retailing Business While Working at Home

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Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Amazon FBA for Newbies
– The best way to get started with Amazon FBA
– The exact criteria to follow before choosing a product to sell
– The 5x rule and how it can help you choose a profitable product
– How to research and evaluate products so you don’t have to waste time selling something that won’t sell!
– Should you use Alibaba?
– How to use Amazon to find best-sellers
– How to find keywords that people search for on Amazon
– How to find suppliers for short-term and long-term business deals
– How to create your own sales listing that turns words into cash!
– The basics of advertising on Facebook

Retail Arbitrage
– How to find the best products to sell on Ebay or Amazon
– The super sneaky tool that will help you decide whether to buy an item or not – THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!
– How to use and find THRIFT STORES where “worthless” items turn into GOLD!
– How to Know Before You Buy, Whether an Item Will Make You Money or Not – JUST USE THIS SIMPLE TECHNIQUE
– How to create a listing on Ebay
– How to create Amazon product listings that turn “product prospect” into legit product buyers


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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Mens Fun developer shirt: Not A Superhero But A Web Developer Tee 2XL Navy

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Ignite your site with Social Media Marketing: Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing Online Marketing Business (Marketing Email Marketing Online Business Book 1)

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Discover How To Effectively Use Social Media Marketing To Increase Revenue For Any Business

LIMITED TIME BONUS INCLUDED: FREE BOOK Online Marketing Information: Discover How To Generate An Endless Flow Of Internet Marketing Leads

You’re about to discover proven strategies on how to use social media to increase your business revenue. More and more businesses are using social media to promote their business. Most businesses are realizing the benefits of this low-cost form of marketing, but don’t know how to fully utilize its great capabilities for their business.

If you’re not implementing this new form of marketing in your business, you’ll be losing market share to your competition that is using social media. This book goes into step-by-step strategies on how to properly implement social media into your business, to help your company stand out ahead of your competition.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Great Shift — from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing
  • Planning, Setting Goals, Determining Objectives
  • Identifying Target Market, Choosing Suitable Platform
  • Formulating, Implementing, and Maintaining Content Strategies
  • Evaluation and Measurement of Effectiveness through Key Analytics
  • Much, much more!

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Bundle: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Loose-leaf Version, 5th + Enhanced WebAssign Printed Access Card for Statistics, Single-Term … for Peck’s Statistics: Learning from Data

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Roxy Peck, Chris Olsen, and Jay Devore’s new edition uses real data and attention-grabbing examples to introduce students to the study of statistics and data analysis. Traditional in structure yet modern in approach, this text guides students through an intuition-based learning process that stresses interpretation and communication of statistical information. Simple notation–including frequent substitution of words for symbols–helps students grasp concepts and cement their comprehension. Hands-on activities and interactive applets allow students to practice statistics firsthand. INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS AND DATA ANALYSIS, 5e includes updated coverage of most major technologies, as well as expanded coverage of probability.

Ignite your site with CORS Essentials

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Key Features

  • A step-by-step guide but at a high level/fast pace. Not all steps are covered as a basic knowledge is assumed
  • Provides a basic overview of the concepts but the focus is on providing the practical skills required to develop applications
  • Focuses on providing practical examples

Book Description

This book explains how to use CORS, including specific implementations for platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, IIS Server, ASP.NET, JBoss, Windows Azure, and Salesforce, as well as how to use CORS in the Cloud on Amazon AWS, YouTube, Mulesoft, and others. It examines limitations, security risks, and alternatives to CORS. It explores the W3C Specification and major developer documentation sources about CORS. It attempts to predict what kinds of extension to the CORS specification, or completely new techniques, will come in the future to address the limitations of CORS

Web developers will learn how to share code and assets across domains with CORS. They will learn a variety of techniques that are rather similar in their method and syntax. The book is organized by similar types of framework and application, so it can be used as a reference. Developers will learn about special cases, such as when a proxy is necessary. And they will learn about some alternative techniques that achieve similar goals, and when they may be preferable to using CORS

What you will learn

  • Why you need CORS: Bending the Same Origin Policy and basic CORS implementation, headers and XMLHttpRequest
  • Creating proxies for CORS: Sometimes the header is not enough
  • Security: vulnerabilities and how to secure your CORS application
  • CORS implementations in Content Management systems
  • Learn about CORS in Windows applications
  • Take CORS on the Cloud
  • Apply CORS in Node.js
  • Best practices for CORS

About the Author

Rajesh Gunasundaram is a software architect, technical writer, and blogger. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with more than 10 years using Microsoft .NET, 2 years of BizTalk Server, and a year of iOS application development.

Rajesh is a founder and editor of technical blogs www.programmerguide.net and www.ioscorner.com, where you can fi nd many of his technical writings on .NET and iOS.

Rajesh is also the founder and developer of a web product, www.VideoLens.net a platform that analyses YouTube videos and channels.

Rajesh has also written a book ASP.NET Web API Security Essentials, for Packt Publishing.

Rajesh holds a masters degree in Computer Application and began his career as a software engineer in 2002. He worked on client premises located in various countries, such as the UK, Belarus, and Norway. He also has experience in developing mobile applications for iPhone and iPad.

His technical strengths include Azure, Xamarin, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, .NET Framework/.NET Core, C#, Objective-C, Angular, BizTalk, SQL Server, REST, SOA, design patterns, and software architecture.

Randall Goya has been a Senior Web Developer and Application Architect for enterprise organizations for several years, mostly specializing as a Drupal Consultant. Drupal as a framework is integrated with so many other applications and APIs, including payment gateways, media (Brightcove, YouTube, mp3, and video players), messaging (Amazon SQS, Mulesoft), as a content repository for other frameworks (WordPress), and for native mobile applications, and VOIP.

Table of Contents

  1. Why You Need CORS
  2. Creating Proxies for CORS
  3. Security
  4. Using CORS in Popular Content Management Systems
  5. CORS in Windows
  6. CORS in the Cloud
  7. CORS in Node.js
  8. Best Practices

Ignite your site with Business Intelligence Tools for Small Companies: A Guide to Free and Low-Cost Solutions

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Learn how to transition from Excel-based business intelligence (BI) analysis to enterprise stacks of open-source BI tools. Select and implement the best free and freemium open-source BI tools for your company’s needs and design, implement, and integrate BI automation across the full stack using agile methodologies.

Business Intelligence Tools for Small Companies provides hands-on demonstrations of open-source tools suitable for the BI requirements of small businesses. The authors draw on their deep experience as BI consultants, developers, and administrators to guide you through the extract-transform-load/data warehousing (ETL/DWH) sequence of extracting data from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) database freely available on the Internet, transforming the data, manipulating them, and loading them into a relational database.

The authors demonstrate how to extract, report, and dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visually appealing format from the relational database management system (RDBMS). They model the selection and implementation of free and freemium tools such as Pentaho Data Integrator and Talend for ELT, Oracle XE and MySQL/MariaDB for RDBMS, and Qliksense, Power BI, and MicroStrategy Desktop for reporting. This richly illustrated guide models the deployment of a small company BI stack on an inexpensive cloud platform such as AWS. 

What You’ll Learn

You will learn how to manage, integrate, and automate the processes of BI by selecting and implementing tools to:

  • Implement and manage the business intelligence/data warehousing (BI/DWH) infrastructure
  • Extract data from any enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool
  • Process and integrate BI data using open-source extract-transform-load (ETL) tools
  • Query, report, and analyze BI data using open-source visualization and dashboard tools
  • Use a MOLAP tool to define next year’s budget, integrating real data with target scenarios
  • Deploy BI solutions and big data experiments inexpensively on cloud platforms

Who This Book Is For

Engineers, DBAs, analysts, consultants, and managers at small companies with limited resources but whose BI requirements have outgrown the limitations of Excel spreadsheets; personnel in mid-sized companies with established BI systems who are exploring technological updates and more cost-efficient solutions

Idakoos – WORLD’S BEST Web Developer – Occupations – Sticker Pack x4

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