Ignite your site with Learning Processing, Second Edition: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive 3D Technology)

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This book teaches the basic building blocks of programming needed to create cutting-edge graphics applications including interactive art, live video processing, and data visualization.

A unique lab-style manual, this book gives graphic and web designers, artists, illustrators, and anyone interested in learning to code a jumpstart on working with the Processing programming environment by providing instruction on the basic principles of the language, followed by careful explanations of advanced techniques.

From algorithmic design to data visualization, to computer vision and 3D graphics, this book teaches object-oriented programming from the ground up within the fascinating context of interactive visual media and creative coding. It is also supported by a companion website (learningprocessing.com), which includes all examples running in the browser using HTML5 canvas and p5.js, downloadable versions of all source code, answers to select chapter exercises, and over twenty hours of companion video lessons.

  • A friendly start-up guide to Processing, a free, open-source alternative to expensive software and daunting programming languages
  • No previous experience required-this book is for the true programming beginner!
  • Step-by-step examples, thorough explanations, hands-on exercises, and sample code supports your learning curve

Ignite your site with Project Management: How to be a Successful Project Manager

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There are many books that offer in-depth theories and information on Project Management. Project Managers will need to work in the confines of scope, time, and cost in order to be successful. What are the key characteristics of a good Project Manager and how do you use these characteristics to succeed? This is what we will be looking at in this short, sweet, and to the point version of, “How to be a Successful Project Manager”.

Project Management is not rocket science nor do you require a degree to succeed. What you need is an easy to follow guide that can give you insight into the tools for success. This book gives you the tools along with real world examples that are easy to understand.

This book has something for everyone from beginners to veterans. We hope that you enjoy this book and walk away with valuable information that leads to success in your future projects.

Ignite your site with Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition

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Essential Java Programming Skills–Made Easy!

Fully updated for Java Platform, Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8), Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition gets you started programming in Java right away. Bestselling programming author Herb Schildt begins with the basics, such as how to create, compile, and run a Java program. He then moves on to the keywords, syntax, and constructs that form the core of the Java language. This Oracle Press resource also covers some of Java’s more advanced features, including multithreaded programming, generics, and Swing. Of course, new Java SE 8 features such as lambda expressions and default interface methods are described. An introduction to JavaFX, Java’s newest GUI, concludes this step-by-step tutorial.

Designed for Easy Learning:

  • Key Skills & Concepts — Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter
  • Ask the Expert — Q&A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips
  • Try This — Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills
  • Self Tests — End-of-chapter quizzes to reinforce your skills
  • Annotated Syntax — Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated

The book’s code examples are available FREE for download.

Ignite your site with Internet and World Wide Web How To Program (5th Edition)

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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 5/e is appropriate for both introductory and intermediate-level client-side and server-side programming courses. The book is also suitable for professionals who want to update their skills with the latest Internet and web programming technologies.


Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 5e introduces students with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-Based applications.  This new edition focuses on HTML5 and the related technologies in its ecosystem, diving into the exciting new features of HTML5, CSS3, the latest edition of JavaScript (ECMAScript 5) and HTML5 canvas. At the heart of the book is the Deitel signature “live-code approach”–concepts are presented in the context of complete working HTML5 documents, CSS3 stylesheets, JavaScript scripts, XML documents, programs and database files, rather than in code snippets. Each complete code example is accompanied by live sample executions.The Deitels focus on popular key technologies that will help readers build Internet- and web-based applications that interact with other applications and with databases. These form the basis of the kinds of enterprise-level, networked applications that are popular in industry today. After mastering the material in this book, readers will be well prepared to build real-world, industrial strength, Web-based applications.

Ignite your site with Keep Your Money – How to Become a Little Richer Every Single Day (money, saving money, money management, becoming rich, wealth management, budgeting money)

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Saving Money Can Be Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Saving money doesn’t have to be the impossible chore that many people see it as. There are many ways to save up a little money here or there that add up a lot quicker than you think and that is why we wrote “Keep Your Money: How to Become a Little Richer Every Single Day”. We will tell you about ways in which you can save money that are hiding in plain sight but you just don’t realize they are there.

This book will give you a few examples of how to “think outside the box” to come up with some creative ways to save on expenses, reduce fees and keep outrageous interest rates in check. We will even give you a practical exercise that can potentially save you big money. The eBook will cover everything from saving money by going green to providing you with some helpful tips on how to avoid impulse buying.

Here are some of the things you will find inside the book:

  • How to eliminate small charges on your mobile phone bill that really adds up
  • Why painting your roof is an inexpensive way to save on heating and cooling bills
  • The importance of avoiding convenience stores
  • Why you need to stop treating your friends as dependents
  • Ways you can save on your laundry bill
  • Tips on how to save money when you travel

All of this and much more to get you on your way to saving more than ever before!!

If you are willing to open up your mind and consider a few ways you can spend money differently, then this book can definitely help you. We will get you to take an in depth look at your overall spending snapshot so you yourself can see the areas where what you thought was a spending need, was really just frivolous spending that should be cut out of your budget. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start reading the book the sooner you can watch your savings account start to balloon like you have always wanted.

Download your copy today!

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