Ignite your site with XHTML/CSS Basics for Web Writers

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A hands-on book for Web writing and Web page design and construction.  This book is designed for usuer with verying levels of experience in creating Web Sites, from aboslute beginners to those who need to update their skills for standards-complaint design.  It takes users through the Web design process, from assembling and inventorying information for a Web site to writing the text, locating graphics, and creating page design.  The book focuses principally on using Web code, specifically XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Covers the most recent developments in Web code. Includes discussion of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Provides step-by-step instructions that show how to create standards-compliant Web pages. Uses a Web standards approach. Emphasizes valid markup that will also produce attractive, functional Web pages. Ensures users create code that is up-to-date and adaptable to the future developments of the Web, such as XML-enabled browsers. Includes chapters on using multimedia and XML. Introduces technologies, including Flash and XML, which are beyond the scope of XHTML/CSS but which will have an impact upon anyone working with Web site creation in the future. Present numbered steps for accomplishing specific tasks, such as assembling and cataloging site content, placing graphics on Web pages, creating CSS properties for text and more! Anyone interested in Web writing and Web page design and construction.

Ignite your site with The Advice Business: Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting

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The dramatic growth of the consulting industry in the last 20 years can, in part, be traced to rapid changes in technology that have provoked dramatic changes in the ways companies compete. Consultants provide companies facing such rapidly changing environments with an important means of developing, acquiring, and processing much-needed know-how. Increasingly, consultants have proved to be a vital strategic weapon that companies rely on to improve their competitiveness in a world characterized by technological convergences, strategic consolidations, and growing interdependence. The Advice Business introduces readers to the art, the practice, and the problems that consultants face. The book sheds light on the complex roles that consultants and consulting firms play in enhancing the effectiveness of their clients. Contributions of both academics and practitioners to this emerging field include original case descriptions based on real consulting assignments, and career advice. For consultants in varying areas of expertise, and for the clients and potential clients in need of their services.

Ignite your site with New life with new skills – How to quit your job and work from the tranquility of your home (home business, business startup strategies, less stress business, … business, home business concepts)

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Work from home: Live life as you deserve happily and without stress

From well-paid business professionals, to women staying behind at home to look after their kids more and more people are ditching their stress filled office life for the rewarding home based work.

The reasons for this trend are plenty including

  • Working from home is comfortable and stress free
  • Better balance of work and personal life
  • Legitimate and lucrative business opportunities
  • More control over your business and earning potential

Save time, money, and effort.

Imagine the time you get to save by not driving to and from work daily, the money you save on fuel, office wear, eating out and childcare. Working from home is a perfect choice for those who are fed up with their restrictive office work. The portability and flexibility offered by working from home let’s you organize your work comfortably around your personal life, so you reach a good work and life balance.

Get rid of stress permanently

The continuous stress of long commutes, difficult employer, annoying coworkers, office politics and frequently missing time you spend with family can take its toll on you heavily. Before you are permanently affected by burnout due to your stress filled job make the shift to home based work and be your own boss.

You can decide on when you work and how much and build a business as you want it to develop into. With a home based business, your performance and hard work decide the success you get.

Embrace the rocking new trend of working from home. Instead of listening to the terms of others, start your own business and create a bright and happy future for yourself. This book helps you identify burnout and its symptoms, and guides you on starting a sound home based business, structuring, and forming a new lifestyle. The ideas and tips given are effective for people of diverse income levels and ages. Read the book to make your dream of starting a business on your own and succeeding in it, come true.

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