The most frustrating experiences you have experienced lately as a consumer

The most frustrating experiences you have experienced lately as a consumer. What would it take to eliminate that experience? Is this the beginnings of a business idea? Respond to two of your classmates’ postings and in your responses, reflect on the ideas they have given and note which ones you would pay a business to offer.

I do a lot of shopping on the Internet; I usually try to buy as much of my work needs and “toys” on the internet because I can almost always find the best prices. However some times I need something that same day and depending on the item, I do not know where to go that I’m sure has a good price and has the item in stock. This frustration could be eliminated if a system could be in place that would tie into stores inventory systems and keep an accurate count of what was in stock and where. So basically all I would need to do is search a database from my location and it would give me local store options that were sure to have the product on hand.

Recently, I had to deal with some sub-par contractors and it really got me thinking. These contractors were all licensed by the state, yet there were huge differences in the quality of work and pricing. After watching the TV show “Holmes on Homes,” which is a show about Mr. Holmes redoing other contractor work because it was less than quality, I think that he should create a franchise. Holmes has already started to create a name for himself and his known for his excellent work. He could use this to create a much higher level of schooling for contractors that would also keep track of them. Therefore, if you a hired a state licensed, and “Holmes Certified” contractor, you would know that you were dealing with a quality contractor. Of course the school would have to keep tabs on its certified contractor and make sure they only turned out quality or they would be revoked.


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