Ignite Your Market Challenge – How Do Your Sites and Emails Look On Mobile Devices

By Lingo

The Ignite Your Market Weekly Challenge’s goal is to create simple but powerful action that we can do each week to:

  • Identify our market and opportunities.
  • Connect with our client and prospects.
  • Ignite our markets and our businesses.

This Week’s Ignite Your Market Challenge:

Review How Your Website, Newsletters and Emails Look on Mobile Devices.

Ignite Your Market Challenge - Review Your Online Brand

If you haven’t figured it out already, mobile devices are in! I can pretty much guarantee that your website or blog is being accessed using a mobile device. Your newsletters and emails are being read on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). There are many different opinions on when the tipping point will occur where there are more smartphone and tablets being used then traditional computers. Everyone agrees it will happen and many expert believe it will occur in 2014.

Have you checked out how yours looks?  How does your brand come across to your mobile users? Do emails/newsletters open easily and are they easy to read? Does your website’s navigation work on a mobile device?

Your challenge for this week is to verify how your “brand” look and works on a mobile device and then create a plan to make improvements as required.

Tip: Ask you friends for help and check out different types of devices and brands, both iPhone and Android models. There are emulators available for free on the web, however, I haven’t found one yet that is the same as using an actual device.

Suggestions to Make Improvements


I am surprised how many newsletters/emails I receive that I cannot view well on my mobile device. What is the result for the sender? If I’ve looked at it once on my smartphone and I can’t read it I’m not likely to read it at all.iphone_apple

If you have any  issues with how your newsletters/emails appears on mobile devices review what your email/autoresponder/newsletter applications recommends for mobile readers. Generally it’d simply a matter of changing the template and/or setting for your newsletter. Some autoresponders/newsletter applications are further ahead here, so check out their recommendations; normally it is easy and fast to fix.

Note: If you are not using some form of email application now is the time to do so. Anti-spam legislation is getting stricter, one of the toughest one goes into effect in Canada on July 1, 2014.


Fixing mobile issues for your website or blogs is going to be a bigger piece of work. It will depend on how your site is designed. If it is a WordPress site you might be able to find a plug-in that works or you may need to change your theme. Some companies have reduced sites for mobile users.  What is becoming more common is a Responsive Web Design (RWD), where the layout adapts to the device you are using.

I’m not an expert website designer, however, what I do suggest is the following:

  • Review your site on different devices – how easy is it to read? Can you use the navigation bar?
  • Make of list of the issues
  • Speak to a website designer about your options
  • Make a plan to fix these issues

android_tabletIf you’re just starting to design your online and email programs make sure you are investing in mobile ready options.

Take the 1st step this week, verify how your “brand” look and works on mobile devices and create a plan to make improvements as required. Share your plan, ideas and experience below. I’m currently developing my own to improve the appearances of my sites on mobile devices.